My Favourite Song From An Asian Drama!

How do you define best OST? It’s not necessarily easy, and I suppose it boils down to which one you like listening to the most on repeat. Now it may not surprise you that I’m going to twist this definition slightly.

What if there was an OST with one song so good, that it could beat any other OST? Is it even possible, my instinct is no, because songs are quite short, and even if theirs one song that’s better than everything else, you could still be listening to music significantly worse most of the time, so overall it’s worse quality.

But I’m going to ignore that argument for now, and claim that the OST from this film I’ve never seen before is my favourite Asian Drama OST based on the fact that I like this one song in particular.

And I’m completely going to ignore the fact that this is a song for an american film, because the song itself is asian.

You can tell I’m having to work around a lot of loopholes to make this 30 days of Asian Drama challenge thing still work!

Anyway here is the song, perhaps play it while you listen!

The song itself is very nice, and I always listen to it every day because I put music on while studying. I study Chinese so having the music on in the background and hearing Chinese singing is never a bad thing (until you learn the singer speaks Cantonese or something – looking at you Joey Yung)

Anyway I always like intense and powerful songs, and this just sounds nice. G.E.M has a really powerful and amazing voice, so it really comes across strongly as you listen. It’s difficult not to be caught up in it whenever it plays. It might be my favourite Chinese song to be honest, but of course you can never be sure.

So I guess the american film passengers has my favourite Asian drama OST, I guess. Or things automatically become Asian by having Asian things in it. No that’s not right, perhaps I made a bad decision today.

But can you really find it in your heart… to blame me?

I find it really difficult to pay attention to the music when theirs subtitles and action going on at the same time! As well as that OST’s aren’t necessarily supposed to stand out as amazing. They’re supposed to provide support to the current situation, which is what you should be paying more attention too!

If an OST stands out too much, perhaps it’s not a good OST, as it outshines the action in the series.

You see what I mean? If there was a silent OST, we’d notice, however if there was one that could suit the series without ever getting in the way and outshining it, while providing a good support, perhaps that would be the best.

Thank you for reading day 6 of the 30 days of Asian drama challenge! Today I answered “Favorite Asian drama OST?” See you tomorrow when I hopefully don’t have to really stretch to be able to answer the question!

Oh yeah and of course check out G.E.M more, she’s great!



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