What Makes Me Watch… Well Anything?

Yesterday I talked about what makes me keep watching a piece of media once it’s already got my interest, however what about from the outside looking in? What makes me choose to watch that thing in the first place?

Well not a lot, I’m a simple person prepared to try things without much of a great reason.

I’ll watch anything for any reason.

Sometimes I like the cover art. Sometimes I like the synopsis. Sometimes a friend recommends it to me. Sometimes I just hear a conversation about it. Sometimes it’s because I got a free poster of it. Sometimes it’s because I like the source material. Sometimes it’s just random.

That’s all fine and all, and I could list “sometimes” until the end of this post but I’m just starting to realise perhaps that might not be the most interesting.

Let’s say I have no other shows I need to get too, I’ve finished everything, and there are no other influences. How do I choose?

Well I’ve never been in that situation before however I assume that it would be like this.

Going onto either Netflix, Amazon or MyDramaList and then choosing something that looks good from there, most likely looking for shows in Chinese since that’s the language I’m currently learning.

If the poster and title looks good, I might just try it there. And then likely within the first 3-30 minutes or so made my mind up of whether I would like to watch it or not.

“But less than an episode isn’t enough, it’s too soon!” I pretend to hear from an imaginary person who may be reading this!

I honestly disagree with it. The introduction to the show should be the most gripping, or at the very least most important. It sets the scene and let’s you know what you’re in for.

If you’re this far in and you already don’t like it, then why carry on?

Sure if I see it getting better or find one thing interesting I might consider continuing, but if it genuinely has nothing, then continuing is pointless.

“What about the episode 1’s with twist endings that dramatically change things?”

Not many of those actually exist. And as well as that, I don’t really get on board with shows that are boring all the way through until a twist ending. Even if theirs a twist that changes everything, the general first episode of the show is likely to represent what it will be like in the future, so it’s still likely to be the same after the plot twist – i.e it’s not worth worrying about!

Anyway you can’t continue to the end of an episode for the sole reason that there may be a random plot twist!

I watched a show called the promised Neverland and you could argue that it was boring until the plot twist at the end of the episode, yet I disagree. In fact it was fascinating because of the hints, and because you could tell something was coming, it was an interesting enough show to watch that even without the twist you could tell that it was leading somewhere.

So yeah, I watch anything for any reason, purely because I’m so harsh with dropping things very quickly. I make no apologies for it, it’s the correct way to do it! You never know what you like before you watch it, however as you can watch it you can tell “yeah this ain’t it”

Thanks for reading day 8 of the 30 days of Asian drama challenge! I’m really enjoying this so far, and surprised by just how interesting it is to talk so much about these drama’s!

Though of course these past two days have been about everything, remember that everything includes a lot of things, meaning it also includes Asian drama!


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