To Download or To Stream…To Pirate or To Buy… What To Do? Yeah… What To Do?

Should you stream or download? It’s a question asked surprisingly a lot yet I don’t personally think there should be much of a debate. Surely it’s stream right? Like why bother downloading when it’s freely available right there?

I might see it like this. Streaming is more convenient, whereas downloading (and we all know we’re actually talking about torrenting) is better for viewer experience. So it’s my opinion, that streaming is just easier because of it’s convenience.

I don’t know a lot about torrenting because I don’t do it.

I’m not saying you should torrent or shouldn’t because I don’t care. All I’m saying is that I don’t know how, it seems difficult and like you’ll break your PC while doing it, and if you know how to torrent, please tell me.

In all seriousness don’t tell me. If I really wanted to know I’d ask a friend, but moving on.

Let’s say you didn’t want to buy netflix or amazon, or anything else. Then streaming is still fine. You have putlocker which has most of what you’re likely to want, and as well as that theirs kissasian and kissanime if you have more obscure interests!

Sure these are pirate sites, but Netflix and amazon are dying industries anyway so why support them?

What I mean is that I hate supporting companies that use exclusive contracts, because it means only that website in particular has the rights to stream that show. And the issue with that is, that it’s complete shit.

Who wants to have multiple Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Crunchyroll, and Disney+ accounts? Nobody, they cost too much, and it’s quite frankly stupid to expect anyone to have so many accounts just to watch what they want to watch legally.

I often think of these streaming platforms as “platforms that have everything, except when you want to search for it” because if theirs any show or film your interested in, then good luck finding it!

So I don’t blame anyone for not wanting to support these dying and ridiculous industries, they genuinely suck.

So if you want to pirate anything due to this reason I kind of see it as fair enough. Sure you’re technically stealing, but I’ll always believe that exclusive contracts are committing an even worse crime here.

Yeah perhaps it’s not moral, but it is certainly understandable.

You can also support the product in different ways. How much of your money do you really think went to the drama that your watching on Netflix? Well let me answer, it goes into two different things. The first is BUYING EXCLUSIVE CONTRACTS (Eww Horrible) and the second is paying people a set salary to make originals, they won’t get any more money based on the number of people who watched it if that makes sense, it doesn’t get split up according to how much time you spend watching an individual thing.

So when you look at it that way, I don’t personally want my money to be used like that.

Which is why I borrow my friends Netflix, and get to watch it all anyway hahahaha!

Thank you for reading day 9 of the 30 Days of Asian Drama Challenge. So far we’ve taken a slight detour from that subject, yet it’s all still at least somewhat relevant! Of course this post was answering “Do you download or watch them at a stream site?”


19 thoughts on “To Download or To Stream…To Pirate or To Buy… What To Do? Yeah… What To Do?

  1. Illegal streaming is becoming more and more popular these days as mainstream platforms such as Crunchyroll and Netflix are promising less for your money.

    There isn’t really such concept of “legal streaming” where I came from in Asia, and I’ve streamed things illegally basically my whole life. Not much of a justification now that I’m exposed to legal practices (believe it or not, I only became aware after starting the blog), but I’m still a cheap student…

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    1. Yeah not surprised, I do think these sites do have a lot of stuff on there, and it is worth the money. It’s just that all of these sites have everything, except for when you want to search for a certain show in particular. So you have to do your searching on those sites.

      No we have more justification than that, like not wanting to support the purchasing of more exclusive contracts for example. I’m a cheap student too, and can only watch Netflix because I use my friends account!

      I used to have Crunchyroll but it wasn’t even close to worth it since it has none of the anime’s you want to search for (and regional contracts are a problem too – Imagine exclusive rights of the show but only showing it in one country) and when the HTML5 player extension came out the free version was just as good. But now with HTML5 removed, I still can’t play videos! It’s just a black screen!

      Interesting that legal streaming isn’t a thing there. It would be interesting because you probably wouldn’t think it was wrong. It’s like how when I first got into anime I had to learn that Kissanime was far from legal!

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      1. Believe it or not, I founded an anime club in high school with teacher-sanctioned anime screenings, and I didn’t know Kissanime was not exactly legal back then. Well, this was in Canada already, but still…😂

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  2. To download doesn’t necessarily mean to torrent:
    You can legally download a game.
    You illegally torrent.

    I kind o like these streaming sites that let me watch everything for one license. o-O Anime Dvd’s are expensive and normal movies take up a load of space.

    You can share 1 account with 4 others with Netflix’s (got mine free).

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    1. Oh It’s you! Insanely long time no see, how have you been? Sorry about being so pissed off and annoying last time. Sorry if you forgot about that, and thought I was a completely new blog, but I just wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t apologise, even if it was a very long time ago.

      Yeah not wrong, is there a place to legally download anime then? I just leapt to torrenting because I’ve heard it’s the easiest way to get really high quality downloads.

      Yeah streaming sites are still better than buying the DVD’s, but it sucks when you can’t watch what you want to due to licences making it on another site.

      I get why it happens, but it just really negatively affects the customer. And I have my free Netflix account too, I can’t be paying for them to buy more exclusive contracts now can I?

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      1. I can’t remember.

        I wouldn’t recommend it, your likely to fill your computer with virus/trojan/worms; that and a lot of the files are not what they claim.

        To be fair to netflix’s have been trying to make there own content for sometime now,
        and they have even been premiering new shows.
        They are going in the correct direction.

        T_T Licences suck.

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        1. Ok you were actually my first regular commenter, I wonder if that feels weird not remembering the blog at all now. I used to have a squid girl avatar if that helps.

          I had to get a trojan off my PC, and it sucked.

          Netflix originals is a good point, and I think it’s the only thing they could arguably fairly keep exclusive contracts for since it’s the only thing I feel they have a right to own completely. But if a competitor’s bid is high enough, I see no reason why they shouldn’t let that competitor have the show if they want to have it.

          Yeah they do, and don’t even get me started on regional exclusive contracts. Can’t watch an anime on Netflix because it’s on CR? Well you’re screwed if it’s not on CR in your country!

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          1. I remember a squid girl, I just can’t remember what the argument was about (things have happened since then).
            The only argument that I never forgot having on this site was someone saying, dyslexics should not be considered in the subtitled anime debate. They should just learn to be faster readers. That was some bad ableism.

            Was that you?

            XD It was really bad a couple of years ago (CR). We do have couple of anime streaming sites to choose from here.
            I can’t watch ‘funimation’ because of politics, and can’t watch crunchy because I don’t agree with where the money is going.

            It’s a real issue when they hoard licenses.

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            1. Yeah that sounds like the argument we had, but the point you said I made is nothing at all like what I thought at the time. The reason I got so annoyed is that I said something like “Everyone should be able to read faster” – and you (from my perspective) seemed to leap to a conclusion that I also thought that way about dyslexic people even though I didn’t and had just forgot about them (that’s why I got so annoyed) I then said something like it should be obvious who the statement was applied too, as in you wouldn’t expect that statement to also be applied to a blind person for example, but I had already got so mad in the first comment that you said you wouldn’t read or reply to me.

              So what sucked even worse is we agreed, but it was how pissed off I got that made it suck.

              A lot of dyslexic friend’s I have are able to read subtitles, but that doesn’t mean I expect everyone to be able to read them fast enough, as dyslexia affects people in different ways, and there are also more conditions out there that do the same.

              What I think I didn’t convey properly is not that they shouldn’t be included in the debate, but that the debate for them is different. As in they have an extra factor of reading speed that a lot of other people don’t have to consider.

              Do you get what I mean? Can you at least empathise with my perspective that it’s really annoying to be accused of being ablest over a statement including the word “everyone” when you simply forgot that other people exist. With the word “everyone” there are far more groups than just one it’s easy to forget your being abelist towards, which is why it was strange to get picked out on just one.

              When people say “everyone agrees that…” nobody chimes up an shouts “HEY, WHAT ABOUT BABIES? They don’t agree! That’s babiest!”

              So that’s what it felt like you were doing from my perspective, I personally didn’t feel like I had any disagreements with you at all. But from your perspective it was probably different, that’s what I felt it was like and it’s why I got so annoyed. My argument was never against dyslexic people.

              Anyway I’ve completely changed my argument and think dubs are better now anyway so that’s obviously more inclusive, but wait, what about Japanese people? Noooo! I forgot!

              I have no hard feelings by the way. I feel so much worse for getting mad than I feel at you (from my perspective) of jumping to conclusions quickly. But your free to criticise me for forgetting about them at the time, but I can’t let you call me an ablest because that’s not what I actually think.

              I think SJW culture at the time what why it happened. I was like wow an extreme SJW got mad at me, I guess I’m truly on the internet now. But obviously, that’s only what I thought at the time.

              Yeah, and I perfectly empathise with someone watching kissanime if they have a streaming site already. I don’t watch anime at all now really, so I don’t have to worry about using it anyway haha!

              Yeah and can’t go with amazon because they treat their workers horribly, and can’t go with netflix because of the exclusive contracts and the way they wait on every show they have just so they can drop it all at once.

              It sucks because I don’t know what we can do about it except boycott and reverse to piracy until they change their policies to make streaming better. It sucks that in this example to stop a bad thing you also need to do a bad thing. Maybe there are other solutions out there.

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              1. XD LOL, that seems about right, and once again that is too much for to read (I think that’s what got you angry the first time). I have gotten better at my English since we last chatted so give me a minute.

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              2. Ok, I can respond! Seems about right.
                I’m just happy that I managed to remember.
                O_o *Not trying to anger you.* I think the reason why that became the focus of the argument was because ‘reading speed’ was the only original idea in the post.
                The rest were very common re-post from other anime blogger/you-tubers.

                I think what you were trying to say was people should just improve there comprehension speed, but not everyone
                can do that. I was literally just bring up the point that some people can’t read fast, and no amount of telling the to improve is going to fix that.

                T_T unfortunately two wrongs don’t make a right (I can’t steal). I’ll just have to find a new streaming site.

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                1. Yeah that’s a good point, not everyone can. I should have just seen it as that.

                  The idea that everyone can improve reading speed comes from everybody not even being able to read at first, but speed improves over time. For me, I practised reading quickly and got fast, but now because I’m out of practice I read a bit slower.

                  Ok moving away from anything to do with ableism, provided that they have no disabilities that would stop them, I always believe that everyone can improve their reading speed.

                  For some people it’s insanely difficult or just insanely slow, especially if you already read very quickly,but it is absolutely possible. If we still differ in this opinion, that’s much more of an interesting discussion to me! It’s just I think after repeated practise it’s difficult to imagine no improvement unless they are good already. But the point was that subs are not very fast, and if a person can’t read them (provided they don’t have anything that would prevent them) it is worth trying to improve that reading speed, as not only will reading make you smarter, but being able to process more words in a faster amount of time would also make you smarter.

                  I think that this is not the best argument anyway, because I think most people can read them anyway, and that the people who can’t probably fall into either the groups of young children or people with things like dyslexia. Though I could be completely wrong, and maybe some people are that slow. So please don’t hold me to this!

                  So yeah maybe let’s not talk about it in the context of subs vs dubs, but if you want to talk about if people can learn to read faster or not we can do that.

                  Yeah good luck with that! For now I guess use the free Netflix account! Maybe if enough people get annoyed by these contracts something will get done about it.

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                  1. ^_^ years later we make up.

                    You ability to read fast comes down to how high you comprehension speed is. If you are unable to take in information quickly and understand what is being asked, there no use in reading it fast.

                    We would need someone who was will to in a big way with compete with Netflix.

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                    1. I know right, I’m happy that we could! It’s good to be on good terms.

                      Yeah of course, anyone could hover their eyes over text really quickly but if you don’t know what you just read it’s pointless!

                      Yeah, but it’s difficult. YouTube might be able to do it potentially if it’s premium started to include shows like the ones on Netflix, however the sad thing is I don’t see any business succeeding against competitors without themselves using exclusive contracts, it’s a difficult dilemma.

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                    2. Well yeah if that was your point then I’ve really made a mistake about what your opinions were!

                      Of course you can’t increase your reading speed by just looking at the words faster, you have to train to improve your comprehension speed, so that when you look at the words faster next time you can actually take them all in.

                      Yeah fair enough.

                      Yeah I see that. Epic games being like fortnite and stuff? Sorry I play very few video games now!

                      Potentially a solution is one of these companies getting big enough to buy all the contracts from another, or one of these sites shutting down and selling out or one of these companies getting big enough to buy the other. But even then, that doesn’t solve the problem, and I don’t see that ever happening!

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                    3. Epic made there own game launcher to go against steam (pc gaming), players don’t like them due to how aggressive they have been about securing exclusive licenses.

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                    4. Ahhhh of course, thank you! Yeah that makes sense, in order to compete with something like steam I guess you have too. I always thought it was something like the blizard launcher, where it was just a place to play the games that a certain company made.

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