In A Story, I Think I Like Openings The Most

This is something that I’ve learned slowly, and obviously it’s not a rule that is always true, it just tends to be that I like the introduction the most.

This doesn’t mean that I don’t anticipate an ending, and enjoy it, perhaps the finale is what I sometimes like the most in shows. But in general it’s the introduction that I like!

Perhaps it’s because setting the scene and finding out what’s going on is interesting to me.

I enjoy discovering characters, and learning about how they are, sometimes more than their development. Seeing a setting and discovering a bit is also entertaining too.

Let’s use an example, which may just be an example from my favourite opening of an Asian drama, “Well intended love” on Netflix. This may not be the most fair comparison because circumstances mean I might like the middle more, however even with a slow start such as the one this has, it can still be quite nice.

I watched most of the episodes in this introduction three times, and even then it still held up quite well!

Everything was all uncertain at the start, and everything came together quite well and it brought all parts of the story together. The middle was a lot of interesting drama, based on the already built relationships and the final part was just madness with schemes and kidnappings and stuff – it was crazy.

So though I may have enjoyed the stuff in the middle, I think it’s worth mentioning that the start held up well enough to survive three re-watches each and it was interesting enough to see it all through that.

Maybe a better example might be lord of the rings, which is an insanely great series made of three films. I clearly like the first one more, despite the fact that a lot of people criticise it for it’s overly long introduction.

Seeing everything set up at the start of the film, is just nice to me, and seeing them spend so much time there really means that you get a sense of home and location like nothing else, which makes the steaks more intense as they go through they’re journey.

It’s all interesting because it’s only the start of their journey, and you get to see the characters face new challenges and see how they deal with it for the first time. It’s immediately gratifying to see them plunged straight from safety into immediate danger as they travel. And they are up close and more personal with threat and danger than you actually realise.

The other ones have either long endings, long epic battles or a lot of politics, and it’s just not as nice to me, I like the introduction, what else can I say?

Guess what? We’re now half way through the 30 days of Asian drama’s challenge! This was day 15! And now the only thing I’m questioning is, why did I do an Asian drama challenge? I could have just done a normal drama or TV challenge and it would have basically been the same except for a couple of shows! Today was answering “Your favourite Drama opening?” – which I guess was well intended love, and I’m sure this is exactly what it meant when it said “opening”


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