Are Anime’s Also Asian Drama’s?

It’s hard to imagine anyone really taking this question seriously, but if you think about it perhaps theirs a compelling case. Of course, they’re so different that we need both words however let’s think about this properly, or well try too.

Asian drama’s are obviously not anime, however that doesn’t mean that the opposite is false as well. Asian drama is a massively broad term, used to describe drama’s from countries in Asia. So obviously we’re not asking if Asian drama’s can be anime, we’re asking if the term “asian drama” is so broad that it can include anime.

The answer seems obvious now, yes anime’s are Asian drama’s. Let’s break it down word by word.

Asian = from Asia. Anime’s happen to be from Japan. Is Japan in Asia, and are Japanese drama’s counted as Asian drama’s? Obviously yes. So that means that it works for the first word.

Then the second word is “drama” can anime’s be considered drama’s? Well it depends on your definition, but using this definition: “A serious narrative work or program for television, radio, or the cinema.” then anime is definitely a drama too.

But does it work when you put these two things together into “Asian Drama” – not in all cases, but in these specific cases, when you put the two words together, if the definition of each on their own is true, then combined they must also be true.

Ok, so now that I’ve established that anime counts as Asian drama, to answer today’s 30 day challenge I’m saying I want a good season 2 of Berserk, none of that 3D stuff ok?

But back to the more interesting subject.

Obviously this is not revolutionary, and we shouldn’t immediately be rushing to mydramalist to tell them to add a bunch of anime. This is because theirs one more important part of the definition that we’re forgetting.

Common usage.

We have two words for anime and Asian drama’s for a reason, they are very different. And most people use them like that as if one is not a subset of another. So in common usage, I have to say that anime’s do not hold up as Asian drama’s.

It would cause confusion if you were to say to a friend “Hey want to watch an Asian drama with me” they would never ever expect an anime. In fact calling it a drama in itself connotes that there will be actual actors instead of animated, it will be live action so to say.

So on a technicality anime’s are Asian drama’s, however not vice versa, and nobody uses that definition that way.

Thank you for reading day 16 of the 30 days of Asian drama challenge! Today’s question was “Which Asian drama(s) would you like to see a 2nd season of?” and obviously I could only think of anime’s I wanted to see a second season of, therefore I instead spent the entire time talking about why anime’s might be Asian drama’s, just so that I had something to release on this day!



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