Why Watch Shows Seasonally?

Today’s question was “Favourite drama season and why?” but I may spoil you now and say I don’t have one, because I do not really watch anything seasonally.

First of all I didn’t even know that seasons for Asian drama’s existed, the length of drama’s tend to be longer than 12 episodes, more like 20, so how can that go into seasons since you can’t split that up evenly?

To be honest I don’t even think there are seasons of Asian drama, making this a really bad question to ask for a 30 day Asian drama challenge! MyDramaList stores no things on seasons, and just has a list of shows ending and starting this week.

Perhaps because Asian drama’s cover a lot of countries they all have different release schedules and it’s more fair to say “Japanese season” or “Taiwanese season” than general “Asian drama season”

But back to the point, why watch seasonally?

Well the main appeal I see is to be part of the ongoing discussion, getting to experience something with a large group, theorise and be in this together.

The reason why I don’t like that is because it means you get content over a much longer time, and are more likely to forget the show, and I prefer going back and watching things I find I like exactly instead of just stuff that’s airing that’s kind of ok.

It’s obviously opinion, and as long as your having a good time, and don’t find the show boring it’s up to you what you do.

Believe it or not, my most large controversy was “do not watch anime you find boring” instead of anything like “Why I hope God is real” so I’d be interested to see if anyone wants to open this discussion up again.

I personally would like people to be happier than sad, so it just feels bad to me when people watch shows they don’t enjoy, just seems like a waste of time in my opinion.

So where was I? Oh yeah I didn’t watch seasonal anime because I didn’t enjoy doing it, the new shows weren’t very interesting to me and it was just boring trying everything out, I got a much better experience by looking for my own things, and occasionally watching the seasonal anime’s that sounded good to me.

And I don’t watch Asian drama’s seasonally because I’m not even sure if they exist, and it’s also not really part of my general viewing habits. Regardless of the quality of the shows, I’d still prefer to wait so I could binge it all at once, as well as that I like looking for my own stuff instead of what everyone’s watching. I never tend to comment or join any discussions really so the community side of things offers very little to me.

Anyway that’s all for day 17 of the 30 days of Asian drama challenge! Today I answered the question “Favourite drama season and why?”, or rather I answered why I couldn’t answer that question. I also wouldn’t have been following Asian drama’s long enough to comment on this anyway, even if I did watch them seasonally!

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