How Did I Start Watching Asian Drama’s?

This is kind of a part two to the first post I made in this challenge, where I talked about why I chose Asian drama’s in the first place, if you want to read that you can find it here!

But this is more of a how, and when I started watching kind of thing.

It all started with a cartoon called pokemon, then going to a library and discovering manga. After that it was being recommended a couple of anime’s that made me watch so much more.

From anime’s it went to Japanese live action adaptations and drama’s, and from there drama’s from other countries.

Here is why it was so easy to choose to start watching Asian drama’s, I had already been so used to watching anime for like three years.

In this time I had gotten extremely used to watching things with subtitles, to a point I sometimes didn’t notice I was using them. It didn’t bother me, therefore by extension, I wouldn’t mind watching anything else with subtitles.

So there was no real things that I had to stop me. Language is not a problem for me, as long as I can have subtitles to understand I don’t really mind. It kind of opens up the world so you can watch more things.

Notably Asian drama’s.

So when did I actually start watching Asian drama’s? The answer is, well I don’t really know.

Not because I can’t actually remember the first Asian drama that I’ve watched, but because my interest in Asian drama’s has been very passive and not really as intense as how much I watched anime.

So I’ve not really been watching it regularly so I can’t count that.

You could say maybe doing this challenge was a bad idea for this reason, and I only kind of disagree with you.

The problem is that we’re somehow 22 days in out of 30, and we’re so so close. I have no idea how I’ve done it! And it’s only really now, as the questions turn quite sour, and it’s difficult to cherry pick that I’m having troubles.

But due to this lack of knowledge I think it’s still made the challenge more accessible and easy to read for a lot of people. The posts are also more general which means accessible to a wider audience.

So yeah, not really started watching Asian drama’s regularly, and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

It’s called a challenge for a reason, it would be easy if you just had everything there already ready for you!

Thank you for reading day 22 of the 30 days of Asian drama challenge! Today was answering “When did you start watching Asian dramas?” – again I guess, this post was just a continuation from part one. It ties into the problem of superlatives, which I don’t have and can’t really answer very well in an interesting way. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to try, keep sifting through things to see what’s left. See you guys tomorrow!


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