Top Five Asian Drama’s!

I have seen at least five Asian drama’s, which means that I can make a top five list of the best ones I’ve seen!

5. Kaili Blues

This is a Chinese film that I love for the setting, though it has absolutely nothing that a normal film tends to have, the world is just so interesting to see.

It is kind of a mystery where everything is complicated and you’re confused the entire time, but that only makes it more interesting.

The film is more message than story, however well worth a watch just for the weird and crazy experience!

4. Ipartment

Though I have not completed this, I know I would have done if it was actually subtitled.

It’s like when China gets friends, and it’s just a whacky and funny comedy show. It’s kind of absurd but I like the way everything’s set in real life, but happens so massively different from it.

The story is slow but ongoing, and things change and progress happens, though at the heart of it, it’s just funny and they go back to how they were a lot. Progression is slow, but who cares when you’re enjoying it and laughing at most moments?

3. GTO Remake

Obviously great teacher onizuka is a great show already, so one that takes that and develops on it, though may be different, but still can be good.

It’s about a crazy failure of a teacher who joins a school in order to help improve it. Though he teaches badly, the moral lessons, and the amount he is willing to go through just to save his kids is just amazing, and it’s honestly lovely to watch.

It hypes up the emotional which means every ending feels really satisfying.

2. Well Intended Love

This is simply a nice romantic comedy series, with a couple of twists.

The first being a psychopatic start to the relationship, as described in a post I’ve written already.

Then the next being the antagonists, who try to do everything they can to break their relationship down, and the ending turns into them trying to overthrow them.

But outside of that it simply a really nice and sweet romantic comedy to watch.

1. Train to Busan

Well, the film that got me into Asian drama’s deserves some credit right?

Train to Busan is about a father and his daughter trying to get to Busan during a zombie apocalypse in order to meet his mother and make things right. It’s also about the friends they meet along the way.

Not only is it a ridiculous action show, but it’s really emotional and so entertaining to see how the characters interact and the conflicts resolve.

I recommend it!

Ok that’s my top five Asian drama’s for day 23 of the 30 days of Asian drama challenge! Today I was answering the question of “What are your top 5 Asian dramas?” – which I think means this is the first time I have actually answered a question from the challenge properly!


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