Describe Asian Drama’s In One Word

Obviously when you go to try and summarise Asian Drama’s in two words, immediately two words come to mind “Asian” and “Drama”, however which is better? The one which describes the location and the culture of which the drama comes from, or the one that describes the genre of the entertainment, and the kind of experience you should expect?

What an amazing question. And I would understand if one would want to choose either word over the other.

But what if there was one word that could accomplish more than these two things. How about the word “drama” in an Asian language.

ドラマ – or Dorama is the Japanese for drama.

드라마 – Or Deulama is the Korean for drama.

kịch – Is Vietnamese for drama

戏剧 – or Xìjù is Chinese for drama

Though this is all well and good, and there are more words in more languages I could look up, it’s still not actually very helpful. Sure if it was “describe Japanese drama’s” in word I could go home easy, but this is Asian drama’s – so we’ve sort of gone into too much specifics to summarise what they are in just one word.

And that is where the lead ends, I tried my best, but objectively I can’t do it.

But this brings us to the definition of the word “describe”, though we may not be able to describe A-Drama’s in one word, what if they all share a common trait?

Maybe we can’t find a word that summarises everything but this is supposed to be a description, so what if we can find a common trait that all of Asian drama’s share?

How about something like “real”, because, as far as we can conclude, they are.

But then again that’s casting our net way too broad, and simply summarising everything that is real in one word, instead of just Asian drama’s.

So it has to be something that can be applied to all of them, without being applied to anything else. And if that mission is not achievable, then which word encompasses the least other extra things?

Returning to our current two word candidates, it’s easy to see now which word is the best of the two, “drama” is our best word that we have so far. This is because there are many more things that can be described as Asian than as a drama.

Even if we only take every word of all the Asian languages surely that would outrank all of the drama’s in the world? You have many different words, characters, pronunciations, languages, and alphabets, and words that change meaning when put near other words and in different grammatical structures.

But I think we can do a little bit better than that, and you probably already know already what that word is, because I used that word only moments earlier! When you read it, you understood perfectly what I meant, and it encompassed all of the Asian drama’s out there, and nothing else.

That word was “A-Drama”

Think about it, it makes sense.

If we call Korean drama’s K-drama, Chinese drama’s C-drama, Japanese drama’s J-drama’s then surely we can call Asian drama’s A-drama’s. This makes even more sense when we take the trend of shortening the country to one letter and putting it in front of the word drama. It just works.

So theirs my word: “A-drama” – And this is exactly what everyone wanted and had in mind before they read this!

Thank you for reading day 25 of the 30 days of Asian drama challenge! Today I was answering “Describe Asian dramas in one word” which I did most ultimately, and conclusively, and somehow still was able to write much more than a word about it! See you tomorrow, not many days left now!


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