Getting Back to the Tournament Grounds – The Broken Tournament – Chapter 27

The story so far: After Ricks fight, the group returned to find that their tent, and all of their belongings had been stolen and taken. Deeming that it wasn’t safe, they found a house outside of the city. But now they have to deal with getting back to the tournament grounds. Kil and Maron are set to fight each other, however Kil has decided to step down to make progressing easier.

I would be left behind to watch the house as the group went to tournament grounds so Maron could win her match. I, as the person who would lose the fight, couldn’t be seen. We had no idea how much people knew about what we were doing, but it was always best to be safe.

The person who fought Rick yesterday had an agender and was deliberately stalling us. Someone knew about us. Whether it was something me and Rob had given away or through other means I didn’t know.

I remarked as I sat there how much of a job this felt. The days had gotten long, tedious, and full of constant worry. We only had this little amount of time before Maron would become queen, yet it felt so far off.

The days were starting to get bad, and It didn’t help that I felt always drifting apart from Rick and Maron.

Once the three of them were armoured with new supplies and clothes the team of Rob, Rick and Maron went out to fight in the tournament. It felt a little pitiful to rule yourself out of the tournament when your weakling friend was able to stay in but there wasn’t much I could do since Maron was the only one who could really win. She had the best chances at least.

The view outside of the house was interesting and it revealed a dark alleyway not so dissimilar to the one where me and Rick had obtained the forged documents such a long time ago. It did worry me a little, but they would be fine. As they got out to leave from behind, I looked out of the window to see where they were going and to my shock there was a group of people, who were so far away the details were difficult to make out. There were two on the roof, and two at the end of the alley they wanted to leave. They looked incredibly suspicious.

“Guys!” I shouted from my position of high altitude where I had a better situation and view than they did. But unfortunately, they used my words as a signal to shoot. Both archers on the roof fired towards my window, which was unfortunately open because of the heat of the room. Both arrows flied in at the exact same time and I had to duck forward into the window to be completely away from cover, luckily, I was swift enough that they passed me.

From bellow I could hear Rob shout the magic words that transformed me into a being capable of observing reality and comprehending it at insanely fast speeds. He had made it so we were all effected. As a side effect I was about to become insanely violent if he didn’t remove the spell quickly. Chances are that if I was left to my own devices in that empty room, I would tear my own throat off by the time they got back to get me. I crawled my way out, but it was locked. I would need to jump out of the window. Another arrow fired while the other presumably was aimed at my friends, who hopefully had found cover.

I realised that they wouldn’t have any possible way to get rid of the archers at the top which meant that it was up to me to deal with them. I looked around my room, not as the place where I slept this time but as the place where my weapons would reside. I had a few knifes and equipment I could throw at them. I picked up two knives and two plates. The arrows had stopped firing at me, so I had a quick peek around and sure enough they were firing downwards. I threw the first knife and it missed terribly.

I hadn’t thrown the knife at the right angle and it hit the bottom of the roof where they were standing on and fell off.

“THANKS KIL, GOT ANY MORE?” Rob shouted up. Luckily, they seemed ok.

“Sure” they must have been using the weapons I dropped so that they could fight back. In a hand to hand tournament there wasn’t any need for weapons so whether knowingly or not I had created a chance for them to fight back by giving them a weapon. I was sure that the others from the side must have been advancing at this point so I acted fast and threw it straight away. This time the knife hit slightly above where they were, but it still fell down to the same effect.

The archers then switched so that one person was targeting me and the other was targeting bellow. It was so strange fighting a person with friends where you had no idea where the other three were or what they were trying to do. I dropped my arrows I had collected from the archers down below so that they could use them for weapons if they hadn’t collected enough already.

Then every time he shot an arrow I would throw something. But not at my guy but the one firing bellow. This would also distract him and stop him being able to dodge. Then I stumbled on something great. It was a wine bottle full of the liquid Rob had turned into sleeping drugs, there was still a lot left.

I threw it at the left most person on the roof. It was a solid hit and smashed into his head almost definitely killing him. The glass shattered and sleeping liquid went everywhere on him. The other person reacting to the smell lost balance and fell off to the floor landing headfirst. I could hear the squishing sound of his bones as his neck almost definitely snapped.

I used this moment to my advantage so that I could jump out of the window to see what everyone else was doing from below. They were hiding together near a large box. Maron was in the box to hide and the others were behind it. Now that we had cover, we pushed the box which was very heavy with Maron inside to create a cover for the archers at the end of the alleyway who were just standing there waiting to see if we had made a move. Once they realised, we would stay in perfect cover they began advancing again and we picked up the several pieces of arrows and equipment I had dropped into the street from above. Fighting archers in a narrow alleyway was insanely difficult because there were very few places to hide. These people weren’t going to shoot at us. I wished I could have gone back now, having the higher ground would have been useful to drop things on top of them and hopefully get the upper hand.

Suddenly I could smell burning. The box we were using for cover had a flaming arrow embedded in it and it was slowly burning our defence away. Then they lit another one and shot it into our open window. They were committing arson and I wasn’t going to stand for it at all. Ignoring all of my instincts of fear I jumped up past the box and ran towards the archers. What was lucky was that they hadn’t accounted for reload speed. I was able to be right in front of them as they had their bows reloaded. This unfortunately would mean that I could either demolish them, or take an arrow at point blank range.

I roared at them before they could lift their arrows up to fight so they panicked and shot them at the floor. Then they tried to run away, but I followed quick. Rick had followed me up there to fight as well. Maybe he thought I was making a noble sacrifice and needed to make sure the chance was capitalised on or maybe he thought I could win and wanted to help anyway. I couldn’t stop to ask him. So I charged at the one who was running away leaving the remaining one for Rick. By now I was sure that Maron was out of the box and Rob was putting the fire out back in the house so the whole problem was sorted.

I caught up to him and stabbed him in the back with his own arrow. Then I stabbed him again. Then again. Again and again and again and again and again. It made me feel happy to have a subject to direct my anger at. By the time I had stabbed him 40 times Rob came up to me and whispered the words in my ear. I had lost control and he took me back to normal. I was somewhat disgusted with what I had done, blood was everywhere, and he could barely be recognised.

Now I could tell that we had definite justification for believing these coincidences. After having our tent destroyed, we must have been followed to where we stayed and then ambushed so that we couldn’t get to the tournament. That was the only explanation. Nobody wanted us to win so they hired archers to follow us around and then take us out before we could even show up at the tournament. I was so confident that if we were to pull out of the tournament now, these coincidences would stop, and we would return to our peaceful lives. But we had no such option.

“Is everyone ok?” Rob asked after he made sure the fire was out. We were all tired and terrified. A match was one thing, but this was different. Fighting against someone with weapons was a lot different to fists and the added danger of being out of the arena made me even tenser than I should have been.

There was four of us and four of them. They had planned an attack through following us and judging our movements and primitively attacked us while we were unprepared. It was only really through luck that we had won. Luck that my throw had hit the archer on the roof, luck that they had found a box big enough to take cover from and luck that I decided to leap out of cover just when they were reloading. We should have died, and it should have been us instead of them. But whether we were or weren’t stronger we were certainly luckier which was all that mattered in that situation.

The encounter had given us a setback that had stalled us by about fifteen minutes. When we left, we would have been on time but now we were running late. We could not afford to have Maron be late to this. So we did what anyone in the situation would do: run. All four of us sprinted through the streets together. Our windows were shut and our door was closed, as if I was worrying about those trivial things in a time like this.

One thing that worried me was the fear that we would encounter those people again or more people sent to kill us. If it happened again it would be very difficult to deal with, we would have to send Maron out alone and I hated that idea. Rick hated it even more.

When we ran to the stand to show our ID cards Rick was ahead and he was let through fine, but when Maron showed hers the man said.

“You’re not in the tournament anymore, you failed to arrive on time for your match.” And that was it. Both me and Maron were eliminated from the tournament for a cause which was of no fault of our own.

“Maron and Kil were both late!” Rob said, “Can’t we have them fight at another time?”

“No” the person said. There was no avoiding it, two of us had been kicked out of the competition and only Rick was left standing against the greats. Not only would our chances fall dramatically but with half of our team unable to enter the tournament we wouldn’t be able to carry out our sleep scheme.

“Could we bribe the committee organisers to put their match at another time,” I asked,

“I don’t know where to find them.” Rob said. Rick, who was on the over side, returned to us.

“What’s happened?” He asked worried.

“We’re both knocked out, it’s just you.” He looked very annoyed but didn’t say anything further. He was probably raging inside. I was too I just hoped that I was better at controlling it.

“Is there any way we could speak to the organisers about this?” Rob asked the man in charge.

“I couldn’t possibly do that.”

Rob put one gold coin on the table.

“Right this way sirs.” He said.


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