The Monks of Meres Will Release Soon!

I’m very pleased to announce that soon I will be releasing my next book on this blog for free!

It is quite a lot longer than the previous book, and I have to warn you that the chapters are quite long as well. But that’s not a bad thing, as I like the extra immersion into the world that it gives.

What I have currently is only 14 chapters long, yet it is already 40% longer than the previous book, so get ready for a long adventure!

But what is it about? Well the title will tell you a lot. It’s about the monks of Meres.

Let’s start with what Meres is. It’s a small remote island off the coast of Kova, yet is not led by the king of Kova, the people in charge of law and order on this island is the Church of Meres. So the Monks of Meres describes the leadership over this small island.

But that doesn’t really answer what’s it about, it more answer’s who’s it about, and not very well. Because the story itself is a detective story set in Medieval times, a place in time where you can’t take advantage of the techniques modern detectives use today.

The story is written in first person from the perspective of just one character, the detective, who has spent two years studying and is thrown into the role early due to a lack of monks and support on the island.

It’s about a series of cases which are tied relatively closely together, and is therefore in an arc based format, where the chapters can be grouped based on the case that was taking place at the time.

Due to this the release schedule may be strange, not at first because I’ve written a lot of it already, but later there may be long breaks. The reason being the arc based format itself.

Information and retaining it is quite important to reading a detective story, so I would rather not leave people hanging half way through an arc, only to have the next release much later to find that they can’t remember any of the things that happened. So that will explain the long breaks in time, I hope you understand.

I hope that I will be able to release the entire thing in a constant stream, having finished in the process of releasing the chapters, but only time will tell.

In the meantime I hope I’ve got you excited enough to read it! I’m very proud of what I have written so far, and look forward to releasing it!

Also you definitely don’t have to have read the previous books to understand what’s going on, this book is more of it’s own story, and though it answers questions from the other books, it doesn’t mean you have to have read them.


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