I Still Fail To Follow My Own Advice

Remember when I made my post, blogging is supposed to be fun? Well this is written directly after that with literally one minute in-between!

The reason for splitting the posts up like this, is that I didn’t want to take away from the previous message and loose people in what I was trying to say.

So how have I not been following my own advice?

Well it comes down to the nature of my content. It isn’t necessarily for anyone, and I’m especially conscious of my old readers who read for the anime content and are still open to the idea that I might one day release a post that interests them.

The two main subjects I have been occupied with is atheism and language learning. One of them likely one of the most hated topics in the world, and the other, likely one of the most niche topics in the world.

I feel like language learning is interesting to people even if they aren’t learning one themselves. Because I feel like to an extent a lot of people are like “yeah learning another language would be cool” even though 99% of these people will never actually learn a language in the first place.

However talking about atheism comes with it’s problems. They are obviously a very disliked group, and likely the most disliked minority. And constantly talking about your lack of faith can often appear quite like your trying to force your beliefs, or can appear like you’re just being angry and annoying.

I have made myself feel like I shouldn’t post atheist blog posts very often, even though I really want to. It is the subject that is most on my mind, and it’s the subject that YouTube won’t stop recommending me. It’s difficult to get out of that.

However I still believe that the subject of religion remains a very interesting and relevant one, and I like to open up as many conversations about it as possible. Because if it is true, it’s a very major thing, and if it’s false, it’s also a very major thing since so many people believe it!

The subject matter being so important is why I want to talk about it. But obviously, it’s not for everyone, or even most people, or even most atheists, a lot of whom are happy to leave people to believe what they want.

To an extent I am like that too, with the exception that I want people to believe what they believe for good reasons, and not for bad ones, the bad ones of which I point out.

But you see what I’ve done right? I’ve blatantly gone against my own advice, which is have fun while blogging, and as an extension, blog about what you’d like to blog about.

So I need to push those thoughts aside, and just continue to do what I want to do.

I perhaps became overly worried, or am rightly worried and just continue anyway because it’s something that I want to do.

The point is that you can give out advice whilst not realising that you’re immediately failing to follow it. So I intend to not worry about what other people will think as I continue to blog about what I want too.

Granted there are things that I can, and will do from now on to prevent misconceptions. Perhaps a “Why I talk about Athiesm so much” post should be on it’s way, the beginning of which will likely be similar to parts that I wrote here.  And other things can be done to make it look less bad in the area of titles and featured images and etc.

But I think overall, less worry and more fun is a good thing, and that’s what I hope to do, and what I hope you can respect me wanting to do, even if you personally don’t like it.


6 thoughts on “I Still Fail To Follow My Own Advice

    1. I haven’t actually been pounced on, it’s just I’m worried about the public athiest perception. Its my impression that a lot of people either obviously disagree because of religious beliefs, or disagree because they think you should just let people believe what they want.

      I understand both, but I still don’t believe that what I do is wrong either, I feel people shouldn’t put such negative views towards athiests.

      By seeking honest coversation and discussion, I hope that I can change perceptions of athiests just being angry guys who will scream at you for being irrational.

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  1. “I have made myself feel like I shouldn’t post atheist blog posts very often, even though I really want to. ”

    It’s your blog!

    You should talk about what you want.

    As someone who has a degree in theology, I’ve never been able to understand some reactions. You’re clearly wrestling with ideas and concepts that humans have struggled with since we were human. That alone should be enough to earn respect.

    But at least within the Christian space, there’s an idea that people should love one another — the Christian scriptures come out and say that Jesus expects his followers to love one another as he loved them.

    That would seem to preclude treating you badly for not believing.

    I’d go so far to say that if someone is hassling you for being honest, the problem’s not with you!

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    1. Yeah this is that whole thing about feeling pressured by your audience, don’t let it happen haha

      I think I’m wrestling, but it doesn’t feel that way to me in my head often. Frankly if there are answers, its more that I want to know about them, so I’m putting them out here to see what people think.

      Yeah true, I wouldn’t expect people to give me a hard time for it, just form a negative attitude. From all kinds of people.

      I’m being honest in my opinions, even if that means being harsh sometimes, or having to go back on things. I’m of course open to the idea that my beliefs are wrong, so as long as that attitude is there, and I’m not harshly asserting, and aiming for conversations instead. It should be ok.


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