Veganism Is Almost Persuading Me

Recently I’ve been watching and listening to stuff about veganism, and sadly I find myself being persuaded by their arguments. I think it’s likely the most moral option.

Animals are treated very cruelly. The mass production of as much meat as possible treats animals insanely horribly. Cows are raped for milk, then have their newborn taken away. Chickens are all kept in the same room, in the same cage, where they cannot move all day and just have to sit there.

Even for the cases where the animal lives a good life, and is just killed one day randomly, it still seems unfair. Their death is still painful, and their life is ended earlier than it would have been.

Sure they have very low intelligence and less emotion, and potentially feel less pain. But we can be pretty sure they have at least some. If there was a human with a disability that gave them the same emotional traits as an anime, we would still find it horribly absurd to treat them, kill them, and eat them like an animal. So it’s not good enough to say that their lack of intelligence is the reason.

It’s speciesism, we don’t care about other species. I agree, I don’t feel like I do care about other species much at all. But the key question is, do we care about them more than our taste buds?

We can give all of this pain and suffering, is it really worth a nice meal? Especially when there are alternatives out there. It’s not like an animal and a human are both drowning, and you’d chose to save both easily, it’s more like an animal’s drowning, and you have a choice to give a human a main meal or save the animal. You’d likely feel like you’d save the animal.

There is of course a major environmental factor. We are already too late to stop climate change making a huge impact, but we can prevent it from becoming a problem later. The meat industry is a major contributor, so it’s worth stopping this from happening simply for the environmental benefits.

It’s not like there aren’t alternatives, you can have a nice meal that is also vegan. It’s difficult, but doable, there are enough options out there.

So here’s why despite these arguments. I’m probably not going to become a vegan.

I just cannot make myself give a shit about animals. Don’t get me wrong, I think this is a problem that I have, and I’d like it to change, but just looking at a cow or a sheep or a chicken, I cannot make myself care about it. In my head, when I eat meat, even when I visualise it’s journey, I just don’t mind. I likely think I could do the entire process myself and still not feel massively bad for eating it, I would likely consider it more of a story talking point than an actual thing to change my morals.

Then theirs an issue of choices, of which there are not many, not many that I like. I feel I could reasonably eat fine with vegetarianism, but veganism is so much harder. I hate the idea of checking labels for everything, not being able to go to the same restaurants, and not being able to eat the same foods and completely having to change my diet.

I also hate the perceptions of it, though not by me, there is a huge stigma against vegans that I would really dislike to be subjected too. Really this should not be the case, it should be the opposite, I feel like we should thank vegans, for being able to acknowledge the problems, and actually attempt to do something about them.

What I think I would like instead, is not needing to make the change. If people can create vegan alternatives better than meat and animal products then it would be ideal. So far I don’t think they are better, but if the world is to become vegan they need to be. This is what I want to happen. If I had studied in that area, I would love to be the person to create the alternatives to replace them, however I don’t feel like I can.

I am of course open to try more vegan foods that I’ve never heard of, but so far nearly everything has not been massively appealing to me, and considering my stance of not caring about animals, of course I’ll chose what I like more.

So there you are. Ideologically and intellectually I’m on board and do agree, yet I cannot make myself be on board emotionally. As soon as I do start to care, I will either change, or have to live a life of lies and guilt.

If anyone can persuade me otherwise, in either direction to be honest, that would be great. Let me know your thoughts!




2 thoughts on “Veganism Is Almost Persuading Me

  1. Have you tried the Impossible Burger? Complete vegetarian, and yet I, having grown up on a farm and having butchered all sorts of animals, can’t tell the difference.

    It’s wonderful!

    If you decide to go vegetarian or vegan, please be sure to get all of your B complex vitamins. Without vitamin supplements, you might be susceptible to symptoms that are too similar to dementia.

    But reducing meat intake is only rational. If the financials interests backing beef would switch to offerings like Impossible Meat, the problem would solve itself.

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    1. Yeah exactly, the impossible burger is the kind of thing we need, as taste is a huge factor for so many people.

      I don’t think spreading the idea is good enough, the alternitives need to improve or even someone like me, who fully accepts all the arguments, won’t want to do it

      I think Veganism is spreading however, and with climate change getting so out of hand, it would do so much good to have these changes.

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