Why I Bought Memrise Premium

Memrise premium is something that is advertised to you a lot whenever you complete your daily target, you always get a 20% discount off. But is it worth it? The short answer is no, yet I bought it anyway. Why?

I feel like free education is a good thing. And memrise has helped me so much. While Anki does exist, I don’t find it as easy or as good as memrise. For me it’s the best way possible to learn words really quickly. And of course many people are working on the site.

Memrise offers a lot of free courses online in many many different languages. And on these they often get videos of actual locals, and make pretty good courses, over 1000 of them. Then they maintain a website that holds so many courses, so many people’s profiles and the way to easily make your own courses yourself.

I have taken advantage of this myself and made many memrise courses in order to learn better.

And I’m aware that this comes at a cost, to the people who work hard on it as well as the storage space online.

And I simply felt like I personally wanted to support this, regardless if I got any benefits at all. I value the service and want to help. Also 50% sale wooooo!

But now that I have it, what do you get with it?

Well you only get benefits really on memrise’s own created courses. They have a lot of bonus features like just testing your listening, or just reviewing or learning by hearing from locals. It’s useful, but obviously the core essential product will always stay the most useful. Of course not having to use decks to review difficult words may also help, but I see very little difference between the two and still often use decks myself.

You also don’t get any indication of your premium membership on the website. There are no bonus aesthetics (except on mobile) and sadly there is no xp boost, but that only means gaining level ups feels so much more satisfying (and rare) because by the time you have used the website enough to feel like you want to support it, you will be so high up in the levels that a level up will be a rare event! For example, in four months of constant usage, I have only levelled up once!

Here is the stat screen that you get. On your side bar you get a little thing about your best steak and amount of hours learning in the last 7 days.

Memrise photo 14

And when you click the “more” this is the screen of what you get.

Memrise photo 15

You get your learning history, learning time, response time, and which courses you spend the most time learning. Here are all of them individually, as they are quite blurry in the picture above.

Memrise photo 16Memrise photo 17Memrise photo 18Memrise photo 19

It’s not too much, but it’s nice.

What’s worth mentioning is that Memrise keeps track of all these statistics regardless of whether you have premium or not. When I logged in they had all of my previous statistics there already, it was interesting. I think it also makes me want to learn more slightly, as I have noticed like a 2 hour boost in time over the past 7 days simply because of knowing what the past 7 days were, and trying to beat it.

The tab that I’ve not shown is the difficult words tab, they are just a list of all the difficult words you have by course. You can view them all there and learn the words from there. I however don’t have any difficult words at the moment (when you have unlocked the difficult words feature turns out you use it until the words aren’t difficult anymore) so I can’t really show it now. Maybe I’ll show tomorrows here, once I’ve done all my reviews.

Memrise photo 20Memrise photo 21

It is simply a way to view your difficult words all at once, and provides a useful place to review them. The issue is that it’s still difficult to review all of them at once as when you’ve finished completing all of your difficult words, your taken to the main menu instead of the difficult words menu. I would like the option to review all of the difficult words at the same time but there is no option for that.

If you love memrise and enjoy it, I’d encourage you how to support it, however of course you by no means have too. I appreciate memrise for being free education, and I think there should be no obligations to ever buy it.

So what do you think of memrise premium? Let me know your thoughts!

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