The War On Christmas Seems Irrelevant

Before we begin, here is the initial duck duck go image results for when you search “christmas”

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When you need to scroll down 17 lines of images to find one image of Christianity, what is there even to fight about?

I feel like the difference between saying  “Happy Christmas” and “Happy Holidays” is besides the point to the war on Christmas.

Don’t get me wrong, it makes perfect sense to say “Happy Holidays” as there are many festivals at this time of year, even for people who celebrate Christmas, there is also new year, which means happy holidays would even apply to them as well, since, there are two holidays.

I wouldn’t say that saying “Happy Christmas” is bad either, not in my country at least, since 99% of people do celebrate it here, but I wouldn’t say that it’s important.

What is important to the war on Christmas is of course what it means to people.

To the vast majority when the word Christmas is mentioned, feelings of family, togetherness, exchanging gifts and eating food come to mind, and not celebrating the birth of Christ.

Christmas is not what it used to mean. The only sin that Jesus ever committed was trashing the items of merchants who were selling goods in a holy place. Is not the conversion of Christmas to essentially what boils down to a celebration of capitalism instead of holy things exactly what Jesus would despise the most?

So isn’t the war on Christmas essentially decided already?

But here’s the thing, why would anyone want to completely change and distort the meaning of a prominent festival? We live in a society which promotes religious tolerance and respect. So I would never wish to take away anyone’s religious celebrations.

Granted, I would want to take these festivals away, not through force but through critical thinking. But in the meantime, why can’t people just have their festivals and beliefs? What’s wrong with that?

So what happened? Despite this, Christmas still changed, and it seems not to be done out of spite, nor by atheists but by everyone. The real damage to the war on Christmas has already been done, and to be honest, everyone seems completely fine with it’s change.

To me, it’s like Christmas is secular, and just a time of year, which is why it doesn’t bother me, and why I don’t find the “Happy Holidays” thing so important. Granted, it would of course be better to switch to the more inclusive term. But when the meaning of Christmas is so warped already, that to me, it feels like arguing over nothing.

The bigger and more important issues are all the other problems with religion, this, it just seems like people are talking about because it’s relevant.

The meaning of Christmas has changed so much that even atheists celebrate it. What’s important is to not restrict freedom, and take these festivals away from anyone.

So what if the meaning of Christmas has changed? If they like the meaning let them celebrate it! And if an atheist wants to celebrate Christmas, who are you to stop them? If your Christian, why not let someone else participate in a festival celebrating the birth of your saviour? And if your an atheist, you’re probably celebrating with them!

What I think it most important at this time of year is to promote the true meanings of Christmas. Togetherness, family and tolerance.

The whole purpose of this post is to say that the war on Christmas doesn’t matter, partially because it’s already over anyway, and partially for the same reasons for why theirs no war on Easter, war on Ramadan or war on Hanukkah. It’s sort of besides the point, let people have their festivals if they don’t harm anyone, a society which treats everyone’s religious beliefs with respect is still a society I want to live in.

Though most of the war effort seems to come from the other side, I still think it’s important to think about this.

So everyone, Happy Christmas, or Happy Holidays, and I wish you the very best new year.

Thank you.

2 thoughts on “The War On Christmas Seems Irrelevant

  1. I don’t believe that many want to “Destroy Christmas.” That has already been done by the ‘Good Christians’ who have welcomed commercialism, and pagan-like celebrations. What some non-Christians wish to destroy is the holier-than-thou, exclusionary monopoly of militant Christians’ “Merry Christmas” only. 😯

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    1. Yeah your right. That post wasn’t exactly clear, partially rushed out as well without much time to re-read and review like most posts are because I wanted it out before Christmas and when it was relevant.

      I’ve changed it now to better say what I meant. Essentially I agree with you, and it was pretty poor of me that that didn’t come across.


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