The Tragedy of Memrise Removing Decks

For those who don’t know Memrise is a very useful tool for free education of language learning. It’s a spaced repition software which helps you learn words by exposing you to them over long periods of time, helping them to stick in your long term memory. It’s actually very useful.

When Memrise made their change to split their courses between two websites, to many people it didn’t make any sense.

One website would have the professionally made memrise courses – the ones specifically made by memrise. While the other one would be courses from the community.

Of course, this feature would (and did) cause a lot of distress for those already using memrise, but in my opinion the changes were a good thing.

Memrise made completely new courses which were very good and high quality, anyone wanting to make a start and learn common expressions and grammar would easily find what they were looking for, always having the option to go to decks if needed.

On decks, there would only be community courses, which may have been not as well polished, yet often better/more specific. Of course, having the option to create your own was also a great feature.

But these were all things that you could find on memrise anyway. What separated decks was its abillity to use features that you actually had to pay for in the other version of memrise. This meant that you could learn more effectively for free without needing to pay.

Now of course this brings to mind the problem of what will happen when decks re-merges with memrise. Of course, all the courses would remain the same, but I’m doubtful that the free features from decks will stay free on memrise.

I am a premium member of memrise, which means that every year I pay them money for the extra features that you get on decks for free. So this shouldn’t concern me right?

Well obviously not. Why would I pay for memrise premium when I can get access to all of the features I need for free anyway? Obviously my reason for paying is irrelavent to the actual features that I gain.

Sure, part of my money is going towards the memrise professional courses. But I really intend it to go towards paying the people who run the website so that they can keep the service as free as possible, so that they can focuss on more things to improve the site.

Reverting decks to become a part of memrise requires pointless and wasted work which ultimately won’t help anyone. As well as that, it will take away excellent features that the site has which I would like to be freely available to everyone.

I could rant for days about the need for memrise to add a ‘merge course’ feature, but in reality there are so many other things they wold be better off implimenting, for example the duplicate lesson glitch which doesn’t add to the course word count.

As a developer, owner of a website and a person studying computer science, I can however see the remerging of decks now making development much easier for the programmers. This, from my perspective could create a greater website eventually due to the extra features added.

Of course this comes with the condition that the extra features for the community courses remain the same, and things do keep on improving.

Memrise has my one year subscription already, but whether it will keep it for another year remains to be unknown. It will certainly be interesting how these changes effect memrise as a website.

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