Different Versions of Writers Block – Why I Haven’t Written in a Long Time

Although the last post I wrote was on the 31st of March, and it is the 23rd of July today, I have been writing this entire time. I think that now the total number of drafts has reached 37, so yeah, I guess this is what writers block is.

It’s not that I can’t write, it’s just that anything I do write doesn’t feel good enough. Let’s talk about why this problem started in the first place.

At the very end of my 1st semester at university I was hit with a huge amount of work. Turns out my module was really badly organised and I was hit with all of my assignments right at the end of the year. This meant that I was really relaxed and happy go lucky at the start, then stressed and pushed to the edge at the end. I had no time to do anything.

This kind of thing was not something that I ever wanted to experience again, so I made sure that next semester I stayed on top of my work more. This did happen, but of course it meant that I really started to post much less.

Some point along the way I thought to myself  “If I’m rarely going to release a post, the post that I release should be really good” this later meant that now I have too high of a standard to release anything.

There are many drafts that I got half way thorough writing and just gave up on for this reason. As well as that there are posts that are completely written but not released.

When I look at these, I do have fairly valid reasons for doing this. Some of them, although they were written completely, needed more research, and some were so ambitious that it was really difficult to see how anyone could complete them. Due to this it was too easy to give up on them.

Now that I have more time, and more thoughts that I want to write about, this old standard is really holding me back and making me not write anything. So I’ve thought of a plan about what to do about this issue.

Of course the obvious thing that I should do is take the pressure off myself, so that’s what I’ll do now.

By releasing this pretty bad not great post it will allow me to actually release the work that I write/have written, and generally have a healthier relationship with my blog in general.

Can you guys relate to this issue or do you guys have any other advice relating to this issue?




4 thoughts on “Different Versions of Writers Block – Why I Haven’t Written in a Long Time

  1. What I do to combat writer’s block is to set a word goal and try to read every day. I’m writing a trilogy right now, and setting a small goal every day gets me into a routine and shakes me out of it. I would find a NaNoWriMo word chart and use it as a reference for word goals. Hope that has helped. 😅

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    1. Thank you eggheadluna! That’s good advice! Actually it’s similar to things I’m already doing but just for learning a language instead of writing. I think transferring those things across would be good 😀

      I’m writing quite a huge book right now, and I think it could work for that too, just like your trilogy. My issue with that is needing to go back and edit large sections, that’s the painful bit for me haha.

      Thank you very much 😀

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  2. I could try to be pithy and say that perfection is the enemy of the good.

    But I know how tough it is to look at something I wrote and not think it’s good enough to publish. So, I made a deal with myself.

    I’ve always hated everything I’ve written. Fine. I won’t let my opinion get in the way of publishing! I’ll do what I can, put it out there, and try to do better next time.

    You can clearly write. It sounds like some form of perfectionism is attacking you. Maybe try not fighting it and ignoring it? Let yourself get caught up in the mechanics of writing. Basic stuff, like “Is my key idea out there?” “Did I start a sentence with that same word too often already?” “Was that transition smooth enough?” “I didn’t just switch tenses for the sixth time, did I?”

    Before you know it, your perfectionism is all distracted and your post is done!

    In case it helps, I’d rather read some post than no posts.

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    1. Thanks for this, I think it’s definitely better to release something instead of nothing. I think I just have to ignore it, making a deal like that would benefit me too.

      My uncle is a writer and an author professionally and he says ‘Every book has at least one mistake in it’ – so I guess everyone has to find some way of dealing with perfectionism.

      Although I do give up at the ideas stage often, what’s much worse for me is when I’ve got several posts that I’ve already written that I don’t want to release. I think now that more time has passed I just have to force myself to look at them again!

      I think a lot of it is getting into the habit of releasing posts again, I’ve got some about things I’ve never really talked about before, but after that, I do still have some posts similar to what I used to be talking about.

      So theirs plenty interesting going on I just need to release it.

      Thanks a lot!

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