Can You Beat Ocarina of Time With No Magic and Three Heart Containers? – Child Link to Adult Link

Welcome to the Ocarina of Time Majoras’ Mask continuity run! Where I (a normal person with no knowledge of speedruns or glitches) will try and beat Ocarina of Time without a magic bar and just three hearts! Full rules can be found here. But more or less we will play the game in the usual way, collecting as few items/upgrades as possible and only using glitches when necessary.

The Blissful Beginning
(Child Link to Adult Link)

Our story beings with a young fairy boy named Link.

Link awakens without any idea of the major challenge he will face, and the large amount of items he will deliberately avoid for seemingly no reason. Upon exiting to Kokiri Forest I was immediately very glad I had taken up this idea of a challenge run. On my old 3ds I had played both Ocraina of Time and Master Quest to death, yet I’d never played it on my new 3ds system. The graphics are amazing, even in contrast to the switch. If you consider that games on the switch like Pokemon Sword/Shield look like they belong on the 3ds, Ocraina of Time 3D has very good graphics indeed. Visually, it looks like it could easily be on the switch without any changes, though of courses changes would be desirable.

Mido blocks the path and won’t let us continue to see the deku tree unless we have a sword and shield. Of course that means collecting rupees.

I really appreciate the effect that exploring the Kokiri village has. Although you want to move on, by forcing you to explore and talk to everyone, it really gives a sense of home and community, which is powerful for establishing danger in the later part of the game. It however, for me at least, fails to make you really want to come back, which makes the whole Saria’s song thing something way harder than it needs to be.

I remember really vividly playing this Zelda game for the first time when I was 11. It’s hard to believe that 9 years have passed since then, that’s longer than the amount of time Link spent travelling through time!

I only now really appreciate how easy the first dungeon is. When first playing Zelda even the little things gave me trouble. It’s crazy to me just how much knowledge about Zelda I take for granted now.

Back then, the deku baba’s were deadly enemies I needed to be careful of to avoid, the spiders on the wall were immovable monsters that would attack me and not let me pass , pushable blocks were just blocks that looked interesting, and all text trying to help me with any of this was something to be ignored. Oh yeah, and I was like, why do these enemies always hide from me underground! I want to hit them with my sword!!!!!

It seems quite clear now that the Great Deku Tree is supposed to put new players more or less on the same page as everyone else. So many things that I see as just easy and not even puzzles teach the player about things that they likely didn’t even know were possible or things to look out for in a Zelda game. I suppose that since this was the first 3D Zelda game many people can relate to this experience.

The great deku tree is something that I completed in roughly 20 minutes this time around, which was quite disappointing. What I remembered to be a huge tower you needed to climb turned into just a couple of floors. When I reached the position at the top to jump down the cobwebs I was like “Is that it? I remember it going much higher than this”

There was a bombable wall here too, yet as I didn’t have bombs I skipped it, of course since we won’t be going for the wallet upgrade we won’t be coming back for the skulutula.

Of course, there were no problems defeating Ghoma, using the deku stick and jump attacks he was dead in just two cycles.

Zelda bosses are quite interesting to me as I often see them as “invincible until you find the gimmick” – I don’t think it’s totally unreasonable to think that you can just beat the boss with a sword, as in literally every other game the sword works. The fun of Zelda boss battles is finding the gimmick and then using it to win.

Some are just really frustrating though, even when you know what you’re supposed to do. For example, I don’t know how I will beat bongo bongo without getting hit. And in battles like the one with Twinrova lack of fast reactions can easily let you take damage.

Anyway, with that done, the illness affecting the great deku tree has been purged, and Link warps to the front of the great deku tree wilfully ignoring the massive heart in front of him.

Unfortunately we are too late. A man called Ganondorf has laid a curse too strong for us to have fixed. This man is evil, and has his eyes set on obtaining the Triforce, something that cause catastrophic damage to the world in the wrong hands. We must leave the village and head out on a quest to stop him. Our first stop will be Hyrule Castle, where we will search for the princess.

First I hastily rush to Lon Lon ranch (bottles) however upon finding that everyone there is missing, theirs nothing to do. We will need to come back here as soon as possible.


Because of the detour to Lon Lon Ranch we get locked out and have to wait until morning. Upon entry to Hyrule Castle we meet Malon whose father has been lost ever since he delivered milk to Hyrule castle. She gives us an egg and sends us off to try and find him – luckily he and Zelda are in the same direction.

We do get captured by guards a couple of times, mainly through stupidity. I knew they were very easy to sneak past, however you cannot literally walk in front of them! Oops.

When I reach the inside of the courtyard I swim down the moat only to find Talon (Malons’ Father) lying asleep! And when I tried to give him the egg he stayed asleep. I was honestly quite stumped and got worried if I missed something. Luckily, almost straight away the egg hatched and he woke up, leaving to go and try to find his daughter.

Upon entering Hyrule Castle we find a very strange and most inconvenient garden structure. This leads to a courtyard that has Zelda in it and apparently no doors, how is anyone anywhere in this castle?

She is completely on board with us being there straight away due to a dream and shows us Ganondorf for the first time – scary. She sends us off to get the three remaining spiritual stones so that we might obtain the Triforce before Gandorf does.

We learn Zeldas’ Lullaby from Impa and are sent on our way.

I think it’s very important to do our preparation now rather than later. This run will be hard and tedious and annoying because of our health, so it’s for the best to have as many things in place to help us as possible. The only real way we can extend our life is to use fairy’s and potions, so we need bottles. In total there are 4 bottles in Ocarina of Time, which is a number that seems so petty in comparison to the 7 included in Majoras’ Mask, but they can still be used to increase our life a lot.

Having four fairies in a bottle means that if an enemy can one-shot us, we can still survive 4 hits – that’s much more than we had previously. Of course, if it gets too easy we can always put rules against the bottles’ use.

So to get the first bottle I go in the complete opposite direction to where Impa wants me to go and head to Lon Lon Ranch, after just rescuing Talon both him and Malon are back. I learn Epona’s song and quickly head to the cuccoo mini-game, and upon winning I’m granted my first bottle. This one already contains milk in it which means it should be useful quite soon. Although you still only have a limited amount of hearts (4-5 at this point) it can still be useful as the Great Deku Tree is the only real dungeon with an abundance of hearts. Also being able to restore our full health bar twice is a very nice treat.

When going to Kakariko village I find a person whose lost all their cuccoos’ and wants them returned. After a scramble, using many of the cuccos to fly around strangely, I get them all back in the pen. For completing this simple task we are rewarded with our second bottle.We now have half of the bottles we will ever be able to get in the game, such fast progress – imagine getting half hearts at little over an hour playing! Of course hopefully we will not need to use this many, however as Link could easily just put these inside a chest at the end of the game theirs no harm in collecting them now.

I hear rumours of a graveyard, and head to it in order to find the sun song. This place is surprisingly quite dangerous, with those monsters that grab onto you and refuse to let go. Due to the narrow walkways I am grabbed and need to runaway quickly, in order to dodge another one, I walk through this horrible green poison thing and finish with just half a heart left to spare. I hope saying stuff like that doesn’t become common – due to the low amount of hearts anyway it’s likely that this will be said often.

I also consider going to the gold skullutula house in order to get some prizes. However the first one given is the adult wallet meaning this house will now be completely off-limits to us.

Turns out the shooting gallery is in Hyrule Castle Town before moving to Kakariko village. As Link never even brings nor gets the slingshot in Majora’s Mask I head back and grab a bigger seed bag for my slingshot.

I don’t want to mess around with the mask stuff in any way at all. It doesn’t really matter but the whole thing doesn’t really help very much and there are some masks that come back in Majoras’ Mask that basically do nothing in this game.

I’ve been hesitant this entire time to use Zelda’s letter as it is used in glitches. Nevertheless, this is an optimistic hopefully no glitches run so I proceed up the mountain to death mountain. Surprisingly after showing him the letter I still have it, meaning I forgot what happens to it and now I honestly have no idea.

Upon entering Goron city it’s clear that there are some problems. Gorons are a race of people who eat rocks, but now, there are no good rocks to eat! Something must be done, but they just don’t trust us, despite playing the Zelda’s Lullaby and showing the correct letter. This is when I realised – I forgot about Saria’s Song!!!

I think it’s kind of crazy the whole Saria’s Song thing. It’s not really communicated with you in a very good way and it’s really obscure. I don’t know if anyone else got to this point the first time around and heard from navi and thought either “Whose Saria?” or “Who cares about Saria?” since she only says hello and goodbye to you, and doesn’t even appear in kokiri village, she is easily forgotten or at the very least someone you don’t care about at all. Even if you did go back to visit Saria, you don’t really have any idea how that would help, nor do you know that you should head to the sacred forest meadow. Then the quest to the sacred forest meadow is pretty bad as well, especially since I never play with the sound on. All you get is just one cryptic hint and that’s it!

Generally if you want to give the player a hint, it should not come from something they hate or have learned to ignore. Most of what Navi tells you is useless. Most of what the owl tells you is useless. So when it comes to going to the sacred forest meadow to get the song, it’s kind of really obscure in my opinion.

Anyway, within the lost woods I found the scrub which allowed me to carry 10 more deku sticks, and hit the target to get a bigger deku nut bag, meaning that already I can carry the maximum number of deku seeds. After doing this I felt like it was a mistake. It didn’t ruin anything, but I didn’t want to upgrade more after this. There won’t be any more upgrades unless necessary (like the longshot for example).

We then got the all important Saria’s song from the sacred forest meadow before leaving. Later this place will be quite useful because the sacred forest meadow actually has a fairy fountain in it which will be really useful for us to get fairies easily. There is no great fairy there to try and give you powers you wouldn’t have in Majoras’ Mask as well so it’s perfectly fine.

But generally, I will avoid all fairy fountains to avoid magic. And if we avoid these fairies, the others will be useless except for the last one (Gold gauntlets)

I make a stop in Castle Town to get a hylian shield, and play Saria’s Song for Darunia who gives me a bracelet to pick up bombs. Although theirs no way to remove this bracelet in game, it’s very easy to see it as removable for Link, so it’s ok for continuity. Then, I threw a huge bomb at dodongo’s cavern to go in and try and find a way which might make me fix their rock problem.

I’m rushing this quite a lot because theirs no heart pieces to worry about. I’m used to trying to collect everything as well so it feels like I’m making ridiculously fast progress – it’s quite cool. Normally I would never reach this stage of the game at this point, it feels kind of like a speedrun.

Dodongo’s cavern was just as straightforward as the great deku tree (perhaps because I’ve just played this too much) but longer, and more dangerous. I did come close to death a couple of times however it was overall very straightforward.

It seemed very much like another tutorial dungeon from my perspective, but nevertheless it was quite fun. You just needed to place bombs in the right place and all was fine. 

There were vastly more enemies and hearts were rarer so I spent most of the dungeon on two hearts or less. The only real notable thing about the dungeon itself is that I lost my deku shield. It sucks, and it’s pretty likely that I will need a new one, however in terms of looking at the continuity, it helps for that! Link only has a hylian shield at the start of the game, so I guess we won’t pick up another one until necessary.


I entered the boss fight with King Dodongo and it was surprisingly very easy and straight forward. What I didn’t expect was for the boss to only take one hit per bomb thrown, it surprised me and I took some minor initial damage. Actually I should have died because I got hit twice, it’s just luckily one of the hits did no damage to me but just sent me flying.

There was a new strategy that I discovered while doing this fight. Most people suggest running away and hiding in the corner after hitting him, yet you can simply walk past King Dodongo after you hit him and he won’t go near you. You do have to carefully navigate and jump past lava, but you do have much more space than you think.

I remembered that King Dodongo had had many attacks, yet for me he threw out exactly the same one, so I just threw bombs at him and that was it.

Once it was over I missed the heart container and got given the Goron’s Ruby. They instructed me to go to the top of the mountain to see the great fairy, which worries me.

Of course, I won’t be going here if I can help it because gaining magic would ruin continuity. So now we’re off to zora’s domain!

This will be our first major skip of the game, so hopefully it doesn’t stop us at this point.

With this skip we end up at Zora’s domain very quickly and rush straight for the spiritual stone.

It’s very quick, we just play the diving game to get the silver scale, grab ruto’s letter and a fish and head straight to Jabu Jabu.

This dungeon certainly feels like the hardest of the three you do as a child (though technically theirs two more after this) and consequently theirs a lot of enemies that can really do a lot of damage to you.

The main annoyance for me was just how easy it was to take passive damage in this dungeon. There are flying bubbles and electric octopus’ who will continually go for you, as well as that, due to the fact that you have to carry Ruto around with you, it’s more difficult.

In total, you really don’t spend very much time carrying ruto at all, it’s mainly one indirect path to the top and killing Jabu’s brain cells just in order to go back through the door you wanted to go through in the first place.

We find the spiritual stone early, however we are introduced to the first mini boss. A giant octopus. This mini-boss is so annoying because it takes such a long time to complete. You are essentially just chasing the octopus in a circle until you can hit it with your boomerang, sometimes it misses and you have to catch up again. It’s really not fun, and it really hurt my thumb as well from constantly going in one direction.

After this all that was left was to go to the boss room, however the switch to the boss room was one where someone needed to stand on it constantly for it to work, but Ruto was missing! So what did I do? I looked in every single room of the dungeon to see where she went before remembering you were supposed to put the boxes on the switch. Yeah, that sucked pretty badly. As I was coming back I took necessary fall damage to get to where I needed to go, this killed me and I lost a fairy.

Barinade is just a really strange boss battle to me, it makes sense to use the boomerang but what I forgot is that after you stun him, he hits you. This is as opposed to – as soon as you stun him you can hit him. So I took a lot of initial damage before figuring out what you were supposed to do.

There was a very near miss in grabbing the heart container, but we got out to meet Ruto and get the spiritual stone with three hearts in-tact.

We head back but Zelda is already being chased by Gannondorf at the entrance to castle town and there is no way to get the stones to her, she throws us the ocarina and we learn the song of time. Proceeding to the temple of time, we grab the master sword – ready to take it and leave straight away to fight Gannondorf!

But wait, what’s this? Link is 7 years older!? Apparently we weren’t ready yet and needed to wait a full 7 years before we were ready. Unfortunately during this time Gannondorf has taken over and the whole world has succumbed to his presence. This means theirs a lot of stuff we need to do in order to save the world.

At the very least, he only got the triforce of power, and Zelda and Link have the Triforce of courage.

As we exit we meet sheik, who will be teaching us all these useful songs to teleport around. It would be nice to have a ninjas’ help during boss battles but what can you do? A travelling bard is better than nothing.

Now that we are an adult, the world has had a long time to be warped and destroyed by Gannondorf. New threats have risen, and there are many new obstacles that Link will have to solve as a consequence of not having magic. But this will have to wait until next time.

I hope you enjoyed this a lot, and that you stick around for the much more challenging obstacles we will have to face later!

Songs: 4          Dungeons: 3          Glitches: 0

3 thoughts on “Can You Beat Ocarina of Time With No Magic and Three Heart Containers? – Child Link to Adult Link

    1. Yeah I think theirs some things later in the game that will be very challenging. But bottles will make it easier. I’m mainly worried about having to do glitches for the first time!

      Thank you very much, I’ll need it!

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