Can you Beat Ocarina of Time With No Magic and Three Heart Containers? – Forest Temple – Spirit Temple

Welcome to the Ocarina of Time Majoras’ Mask continuity run! Where I (a normal person with no knowledge of speedruns or glitches) will try and beat Ocarina of Time without a magic bar and just three hearts! Full rules can be found here. But more or less we will play the game in the usual way, collecting as few items/upgrades as possible and only using glitches when necessary.

Restoring Peace

(Forest Temple – Water Temple – Fire Temple – Spirit Temple)

Kakariko Village - Zeldapedia, the Legend of Zelda wiki ...

Before you can enter any dungeon you need the hookshot, so I head to the graveyard and race the guy to get it. Theirs several games like this in Marjoas’ Mask, so since I just played that I had no problems.

Returning to the sacred forest meadow I find the forest temple, and use the hookshot to enter. I picked up the first key, however I have heard that this temple gets interesting with the iron boots. Whenever I had played before I had always visited here first because I wanted the arrows, but I thought it might be interesting to visit the ice cavern and complete the first mini dungeon of the game.

On my way there though, I get concerned about how long it’s taking me to get there. Then I realised, Epona! I shift gears to Lon Lon ranch and win Epona in a race. But I’m locked out. So I’m them treated to an amazing cut-scene of Link jumping over the fence, so cool.

Ocarina of Time 3D Epona

The ice cavern has enemies that can seriously do a lot of damage. The ice bats alone do half my health, and the snowmen do the same. I have to carefully take out all of the enemies before I start clearing each room. The puzzles are fairly straightforward, but theirs a problem with melting ice.

You have to keep fire in a bottle in order to melt ice and progress in the dungeon, but I want to keep as many bottles as possible for fairies. So it means I have to backtrack a lot between rooms in order to finish the dungeon. But it’s not too difficult, only tedious. Several times I got to the end of the room only to realise I needed more fire and had to backtrack and ill all the enemies.

An interesting story about the first time I did this dungeon was that I got right to the very end but got stuck. The very last door before you fight the boss is a door that I’ve never seen anywhere else in this game. It looks to me exactly like an ice block. So when I first played the game, I spent ages trying to melt this door. So much time was wasted when it turns out I could have just pressed ‘a’ and entered. The whole thing is kind of ridiculous – if only I realised! Or you know, they used a door that actually looked like a door.

Before you get the iron boots you must fight what appears to be a boss, however it’s just a normal wolf, it feels like they wanted to create a new miniboss but didn’t have the time. This is just a normal enemy. Maybe it would have been cool to go back and add one, but whatever. I get the boots, and the song from shiek and head back to the forest temple to try these new boots out!

(All images come from the internet – not the actual playthrough of my game)

After trying the boots, I found that they were kind of useless.

Although I could go underneath the water of the forest temple, I still couldn’t open the chest – for some reason it wouldn’t let me. Then going through to the opposite courtyard I just walked through and back into the main room – disappointing.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D - Mini Boss ...

The forest temple is a bit confusing, but nothing that would make you feel like giving up. I did encounter a problem in stalfos who were the first enemy I’ve encountered that can kill me in one hit.

Even if you have your shield up, their jump attack can still go through it – something that I learned the hard way. In previous playthrough’s it didn’t matter, however I had to create a strategy.

Every time they jumped at me I found that just jumping back or moving back any time they jump attacked you worked really well to avoid damage. So I only died once to these guys.

I liked the dungeon a lot, it’s a good classic. The only thing I can think of that’s annoying is how not obvious it is that you can shoot the eyes again to open them and untwist the corridors, this caused me to get lost several times. In places you cannot progress at all through the dungeon without twisting and untwisting the corridor several times. It’s seriously inconvenient as retracing your steps through the dungeon does take time.

Phantom Gannon is always an annoying fight for me because I can never really tell the difference between the two horses. This caused a lot of damage at the start, with the first hit of electricity taking me down to 1 heart.

Yet I got extremely lucky during this fight. Although I missed him several times and got fooled by the false horse, when he came in to attack I put up my shield and I didn’t get damaged, this worked every time – it was like I was immune from electricity! I’m wondering if it’s something about his electricity being unable to kill you or do damage past one heart, but I’m not sure.

When we switch to playing tennis I find that I can beat him in two cycles with little difficulty. So that’s great. Learning to jump attack is really helping with this boss fight a lot.

Now we see that peace has been restored to kokiri forest with a new duku tree, thus a new era begins for kokiri forest!

Great Deku Tree (Character) - Giant Bomb
This baby deku tree later grows into the great deku tree from wind waker!

After leaving I head straight back to get big poes, but it’s kind of annoying and I only catch two before I decide to come back later – you run out of arrows so quickly in this game! It’s nothing at all like the aliens in Majora’s Mask! I decide to just give up on getting more bottles until I actually need another one.

Since we already have the iron boots and hookshot, it makes sense to go to the water temple next. Having a longer hookshot will be useful in all the temples. After that whole thing with the iron boots I’m pretty convinced that no dungeon will really open up massively just from getting an item from a different temple, however there are often times where you want to reach something with your hookshot, but you just can’t. That’s where the longer hookshot helps.

Pretty quickly after entering the water temple it was clear that I needed the blue tunic. Although it’s not necessary, with just three hearts there really isn’t very much time at all to move underwater. Normally you would have much more hearts making it easier but we of course can’t get that.

So I go back and get some fire in a bottle, melt the Zora king and then get the blue tunic, heading back and entering the water temple.

Water Temple (Ocarina of Time) - Zelda Dungeon Wiki

Of course the water temple is notoriously regarded as the worst most confusing temple in the game. But for me, it was nothing compared to the frustration of the water temple in Majora’s Mask.

On the whole, as long as you pay attention to everything, and remember to do everything on the same level, you should only need to go through one cycle of changing the water levels.

For me though, this didn’t happen. There were several things that I forgot which were just annoying, the most tedious being when there was two items left in the dungeon. One was the boss key and one was a normal key. Of course, you need the normal key to get the boss key. But I chose the wrong path and went through an annoying tedious puzzle only to find that I headed towards the wrong chest and needed the key first, this meant I had to go all the way back just to open the door to a puzzle I’ve solved already!

The compass is really helpful in this dungeon. It doesn’t really mislead you, and for the most part if you missed something you can work out what it is quite quickly and move on.

I can see that it’s really annoying to backtrack through everything, but the puzzles aren’t that difficult, so if anything it’s just tedious. It could be better designed to punish you less simply for missing things, but besides that, I think it’s ok.

I also don’t like it when enemies respawn in a dungeon. I kind of hate taking everything out, only to go in and out quickly to find all the enemies back again. There was a room with 6 floating spiders in it that was just very annoying for this reason. I started just using the iron boots to go underwater and then try to dodge them as I exited. They do very little damage, and drop a lot of hearts, so this wasn’t a concern.

My biggest worry about the water temple was the dark link fight. But I ended up kind of rushing it and taking him out in just three hits. I never remembered doing it so easily before! It was always such a struggle.

After looking it up online, it turns out that Dark Link takes the same number of hits to kill as the number of hearts you have. So the less health you have, the easier the fight is. It was a pretty cool feeling to think that some parts of this run is actually easier!

The path to the boss room is even more dangerous than the boss itself! Three spikes which are really difficult to avoid did just as much damage to me as the boss did.

Morpha had been an annoying boss to fight for me before, but I saw in a speedrun a potential way to cheese him. I stood in the corner, and hookshotted him into the wall of the room. I just hit him constantly until he died, and he couldn’t escape at all. It felt really too easy. The only damage I lost was on the spikes in the wall.

When I left the dungeon I saw that two new dots had appeared on the map, meaning more dungeons have now opened up for us! So the requirement for entering the spirit and shadow temple is the longshot? It makes sense for the spirit temple, since you need it to cross the bridge, but for the shadow temple, I’m not sure. Potentially it’s that you need it within the dungeon?

The only temples left now are the fire temple, shadow temple and spirit temple, plus the mini-dungeons you do as child-link.

I remember that in order to enter the shadow temple, you need to light a whole bunch of torches on fire. Of course without magic or fire theirs no way for me to do this, so it will probably require a glitch. This means that I will either head to the fire or spirit temple next!

Instantly I remembered the whole desert stuff and thought, ‘Yeah the fire temple sounds better!’

Goron City | Zeldapedia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

I head to Goron city and find that nobody’s there except for one goron, but he won’t even talk to me! I have to hit a bomb in order to get him to talk to me. He explains that all of the gorons have been taken, and gives me a red tunic which can resist fire.

So not only are we now trying to defeat the temple, we will need to rescue all the gorons who are trapped in the temple. This of course makes it more interesting.

When I said that I remember the fire temple being really annoying, I think I must have been talking about the fire temple from master quest, because honestly the fire temple feels like a breeze to get through.

Ocarina of Time Walkthrough - Fire Temple - Zelda Dungeon

Generally to ensure that I don’t miss anything I basically just follow the left wall and try to explore everything. I did have to backtrack a few times but the hints that the gorons’ gave were really useful and helpful meaning that I had to do this much less.

The item you get in this temple “the megaton” hammer felt particularly useless. Until you get the hammer you never feel like you actually need it, yet as soon as you get it, you’re using it in every puzzle.

Quickly you can find your way to lower the pillar in the middle of the room, and then the boss key is just a quick trip through the door that you can break at the start!

We’re introduced to our second mini-boss next, it’s another very simple one.

Ocarina of Time [62]: Fire Temple Part 8: Boss Key Get ...

You throw a bomb at this flame guy, hit him with a bomb and them attack. This boss fight happens twice. It’s really easy, and it’s kind of stupid that they included it twice since it’s so easy once you know what to do.

I made a note of all the helpful hints that the Gorons give you.

“You need to lower the pillar stuck in ceiling to enter the boss room” – This is how you can easily change floors.

“Hitting a wall will sound different if theirs nothing behind it” – You know that you will need to bomb a wall somewhere.

“Bombs can hit switches” – Some switches will run out of time before you can go through the challenge, use a bomb to give you more time.

“Avoid Fake doors” – self explanatory.

They also give the solution to both miniboss’ – ‘Use bombs’

‘Tells you to play the ocarina if you’re not sure where to go’ – play the song of time in order to move some puzzle blocks.

With the extra aid of these hints, very quickly I felt like I had done everything. Although there was a section of the room that I had never explored, I didn’t feel I needed to since I already had the boss key and the route to the boss door, so I thought, “What the hell?” and went straight to the boss.

Volvagia was much easier than I remembered, mainly because I probably wasn’t able to see how much damage he could do in one go. It’s essentially a game of whack-a-mole. You need to run to his head as soon as it pops out and attack with the megaton hammer.

I also didn’t realise that you could use arrows to attack Volvagia, this made the boss fight much easier and go much quicker.

One fairy was used for a one shot kill and that was it.

When I returned it was great to see everyone again in Goron village, it felt like a huge transformation and a great reward for completing the dungeon.

At this point in the game we have two dungeons that we can go to. The spirit and shadow temple. The reason why I want to go to the spirit temple first is because of our lack of magic. The shadow temple has invisible things everywhere, not to mention the boss is also invisible!

Although the spirit temple does have some elements that rely on the lens of truth it’s not completely magic dependant in the same way. I guess what I’m saying is: I want to leave the hardest until last.

However before we can even go to the spirit temple, first we must make our way to the Gerudo fortress. This will allow us to progress to the spirit temple as befriending everyone will give us access to the desert.

As I was walking through the fortress I realised why I had been having much better experiences in the dungeons by getting more hearts. Actually when you lack an item or means to use an item, it will not drop for you. You will never get arrows until you get the bow.

The same thing works for magic, since magic is usually the most common drop you tend to lose a lot of hearts in dungeons yet have a full magic bar. For me though, since there is no magic bar to contend with, I have more hearts. It’s always weird the way restrictions can help you.

Haunted Wasteland - Zeldapedia, the Legend of Zelda wiki ...

I progress through the fortress in a relatively standard way. But to get across the top I need the scarecrow song so I go back in time to get this. Unfortunately this is something that I would need to do twice because theirs a chest on the opposite side of the gap. This chest has a piece of heart inside, so I needed to reset and get rid of it.

At one point while exploring the gerudo fortress I was confronted with a wooden obstacle which I had no way to burn. Of course with magic I could have destroyed it easily, but without magic I was unsure. Then I saw the place to hookshot over and realised what to do. Thinking about magic problems in a different way will really help me to solve them. I really hope that in every place where you need magic there will always be an alternative solution…

When I got to the dessert eventually I realised one thing that I had forgotten – you need the eye of truth to get to spirit temple. However even if I did have the eye of truth, I wouldn’t be able to use it because I don’t have magic.

This is where my first big magic problem started. Dying in haunted wasteland takes one heart away and teleports you to the very start. It takes maybe a minute to get through the desert once you know how to do it.

Unfortunately this meant that I had to use YouTube videos and guides just to get through the desert!

I had to respawn at least 50 times because the kill zones are just so big and it’s difficult to navigate them.

I remember trying one tutorial where you jump back until two posts align, side hop right until the next pillars align and then 4 times more. After that you just shield left twice and go straight backwards. This strategy did not work for me. I wasted a lot of time on this before giving up.

The next strategy I used was a reference point system. I followed the sign post down into the valley, then left to start of a hill. Then slightly left again to the part between one slope and another, then down the valley in a rightish diagonal. Finally turning right again through an impossible death path which seemed to kill me every time for no reason.

After trying this strategy for a long time, it eventually worked.

It was so great to see the desert colossus and learn the song. But first we needed to head back and complete the left side of the dungeon as child link.

The first barrier for child Link is a set of torches that cannot be lit. Normally I would use dins fire however of course we can’t – I don’t even have the item because why would I? Instead, I exit and grab the fire from a torch in the previous room with the deku stick and bring it across to the next room, lighting the torches. This dropped an essential chest containing a key.

Iron Knuckle - Zeldapedia, the Legend of Zelda wiki ...

This dungeon contains the third miniboss of the game. It’s an iron knuckle. Normally these enemies are terrifying however, now, they may as well be like stalfos because they can just kill you in one shot anyway.

With Link I’m very careful though and manage to do it without taking damage. There are a lot of these in Majora’s Mask so I remember quite well how to fight them.

When we can get to the silver gauntlets we meet the owl for the last time. Honestly in this run he hasn’t been very annoying as we have only seen him a couple of times – we’ve really skipped a lot of stuff! He tells us that two witches live here and if we want to win we should turn their power against them!

Now that we have the silver gauntlets we can turn back into adult Link and complete the rest of the temple.

All of the problems in the spirit temple seem to happen because we didn’t complete the shadow temple previously. This makes me really hope that there will be some way to complete the shadow temple without magic.

The first problem that arises is in the room with rocks travelling from side to side because theirs a floating rupee in the middle of the room which you need the hover boots to get to. Instead I get it by using Links’ jump slash to travel the extra distance.

The second problem was that there was another room with such a vast amount of invisible enemies that could kill me in one hit, and I had no idea what they were! I just needed to power through it and move on to the next room.

The palms of the hand in the main room is another problem but the jump slash strategy works for landing on both hands. Doing so, lowers chests onto the platforms meaning I can hookshot across – It’s great to not need to go to the shadow temple first. The other major problem in this room is that we cannot light the torches at the bottom of the room. I thought I could get by using the torches on the higher levels, but the angles are too strange and it just doesn’t work. I decided to leave it, in the end it wasn’t needed as I was able to get to the boss door without it.

I sort of feel it would be cool to be able to light your arrows on fire, then aim them at the thing you want to shoot at. It would bypass the limitations of not having any fire arrows, and be quite cool. Oh well.

Iron Knuckle - Zeldapedia, the Legend of Zelda wiki ...

There are actually three iron knuckles in this dungeon, after killing the second one we get the mirror shield, following the natural route through the dungeon I quickly get to the boss door. There are some invisible chests that I cannot see, however I can easily use the compass to find them.

Then I face the third iron knuckle, it turns out to be the third sage of this temple – who knew? This iron knuckle killed me once, meaning I only had 1 fairy for the fight. The doors back were blocked so I had to go forward without collecting more.

My Top 10 Legend of Zelda Bosses | Ocarina Of Time Nerd

The twinrova battle is more annoying than difficult, it’s quite time consuming. I missed one and died, then as I was about to kill twinrova I missed my jump slash and fell down. When I climbed up, they hit me without me realising. This resulted in my death.

I immediately closed the game (having saved during the boss fight) in order to cancel the death. But I don’t think it worked. Once I had restocked on fairies and gone back in the boss room the bosses were already in the room without the cutscene – it was strange.

I saved after the witches had transformed  into Twinrova to see if the boss’ health got saved, however I never got a chance to see because this time I beat it!

Shadow Temple 10 Hours - The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of ...

I go straight to the exit and then prepare to enter the shadow temple.

So far our journey through Ocarina of Time has been surprisingly straightforward, and we’ve done no glitches so far! It’s true that there was getting through the desert temple which was an exploit, but technically it’s not really a glitch as you’ve just memorised the route yourself instead of relying on a ghost to lead the way for you.

Now we only have two dungeons left, but because of the nature of the game, these two dungeons will be the most difficult and tedious yet. Glitches will be necessary, and if we cannot do them, we cannot win.

Dungeons: 7        Glitches: 0        Exploits: 1

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  1. Hi, it’s been a while since I released part 1. The reason for that is not because this one took a long time. It’s because the next part is taking a long time – many glitches are required, and even apparently simple ones are really difficult for me. Wish me luck!


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