Ode to My Lost WordPress Website

It was four years ago that my blog started.
I knew not to which name it should be regarded,
Thinking that my blog adventure would be over so quickly
I named it like my thoughts at the time: ‘my brain is completely empty’

Writing anime blogs is how I spent most of my days,
Thoroughly enjoying it and putting my thoughts on stage.
Made a great many friends too, but that’s not all,
Enjoyed writing about everything, no matter how small.

Christmas, books, anime database,
Awards, challenges, the silver coin case,
Top ten reasons why anime sucks,
Eleven posts about why, about harems, you shouldn’t give a fuck.

Don’t pay for crunchyroll – it’s a scam!
Talking about the shit that shows up in my spam,
Exploring complex society through musical chairs and blogging honestly,
Do you know all the dere’s? No, not probably!

Evangelion, Shiki and school days,
Asian dramas, music, how to keep binge reading manga always,
Beserk, King’s Quest, Liar Game,
I never once thought my Sakamoto post would reach so much fame.

It then became less about anime and more about me,
Despite many months people thought I still talked about anime,
Language learning and atheism is certainly a niche,
For most it’s a mix that won’t fit with their picks

How to learn languages and avoid confusions
You’ve thought about eternity for 25 minutes and think you’ve reached some meaningful conclusions?
How to use decks, memrise and anki,
This is why I hope there is no such thing as christianity.

But it’s not about the views, because regardless it’s more fun,
More fun than writing about anime when you don’t want to watch none,
And although university and my job often got in the way,
I still kept it slow and steady, kept it chugging away.

The issue was something I thought wouldn’t get to me.
I had good faith that it wasn’t going to happen to me.
Even if it happened to me, I never thought it would be that bad for me.
Once it did happen I realised it would mean the worst for me.

The WordPress block editor was often talked about,
All I heard about it was bad so I really had my doubts,
Every time it was mentioned to me I just pressed delay,
Nothing would change as long as it was kept away.

The issue of course was, exactly what you can imagine,
My blog got rapped by it’s update against my actions,
To get it back all I needed to do was spend £20
But four years only to replace the new one with a so-called ‘inferior model’ does not sit well.

When I started blogging everything was fine,
But four years later they’ve changed the model and I’ve spent all this time.
Obviously I wouldn’t have got this far if it was like this from the start.
Now everything’s the same but it’s more difficult, tedious and annoying to make art.

I tried using the editor, don’t get me wrong.
But it couldn’t do the same basic things, nor save, nor update after writing for so long.
Something needs to change, I thought.
But my later errors brought thwart to my blog, making it’s life so short.

Perhaps if I change my theme…
But wordpress knew about this scheme…
Let’s go back to that theme from twenty fourteen!
You know what happened.

Well come to think of it, I actually really liked my old website theme.
Where was that again? Yes, it was called ‘big brother’,
But I can’t seem to find it, I need to look further.
Wait that’s it, it’s gone? It’s gone?

It’s not been supported as of 1 year ago, yet I’ve used it for the past three.
I guess I can just download it somewhere else for free. Oh there’s that £20 paywall again.
I never realised how much I loved that theme until now,
So wait, I have a crappy editor and shittier version of my website now, and how?

Because after two years of denying this change wordpress still thought I was wrong?
Because my current theme had never been updated all along?
Have they just gone back to minecraft, wanting to put everything in blocks?
Is it that they want people to buy the upgrades just to increase their stocks?

I could, and have, speculated about this for ages.
But most importantly, how can my blog be mended?
As there’s still one major issue which needs to be amended.
Right now it feels like my blog has just ended.

I need to find a way to love it again.

8 thoughts on “Ode to My Lost WordPress Website

  1. I have no idea if this works for anyone else anymore. WordPress got around to springing the Block Editor on me too, a few weeks ago, and it took a bit to figure out my way around it.

    My Site
    WP Admin
    Do NOT click “create new.” Click the arrow *next* to “create new” and it has the options “Block Editor” and “Classic Editor.” I use the Classic Editor, and I will for as long as it’s available.

    And to edit a post, click the checkbox next to the post, and the option of “Classic Editor” will be among the things that pops up.

    One must insist *every time* that, yes, this IS what one wants to do.

    That’s how it’s working for me, at least. I hope it’s helpful to you.

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    1. Thanks for this Merlin. Yeah it seems like this is what I’ve had to do now. Even the posts made after the new editor were not uploaded in the block editor as it can’t save or publish for me. I’ve taken to writing in google docs and then bringing it across to the classic editor on WordPress admin which seems to work better, but it’s not the same, a much better alternative though in my opinion. Feels like if you have any option so, use plugins, and delay the update. Thank you very much for leaving this advice for other people to see! It seems like block editor is unfortunately not going anywhere so this is so useful.

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  2. Damn, I understand the frustration. I’m still getting used to the Block Editor, but my issues don’t seem as serious as yours. Maybe you can try it on a different browser? Things have been going much more smoothly after I switched to Firefox whenever I blog or read others’ posts.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Moya, yeah it’s unusable, can’t save even one word. I’ll try using it on other browsers to see how that goes, thanks! Manly depressed I won’t get my website back now, even if the editor starts working. I wrote this in Google docs and copied it in so will probably do that from now on. Thanks!

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