OK – A lesson On Language

What is the problem with phone companies? Why do they, unlike every single other person in the world say ‘OK’ instead of ‘ok’ . No autocorrect is needed to fix the word ‘ok’, everything is fine. There is however many major problems with the word ‘OK’.

The first issue is that the word ‘ok’ is very general, and in common use, so if you want to google how to stop this evil autocorrect curse you are out of luck.

On my phone keyboard, you can see a list of three candidates of words to choose from, you can choose to permanently remove words from this list. So it wouldn’t be a problem, if not for the fact that it keeps on coming back every time it’s been deleted, like an evil distraction that refuses to stop haunting you.

It’s very quick and easy to fix, so why bother complaining about it? Well I write the word ‘ok’ many many times every day using this keyboard, and after using this phone for two years, it’s probably added up to many hours of lost time for literally no reason. Just stop forcing everyone to say ‘OK’!

Ok, so if ‘ok’ is correct, ‘OK’ is the incorrect form of the word because you do not capitalise normal words in speech. There isn’t any other word that anyone randomly capitalises, no word like that exists.

But if you think that ‘OK’ is ok because it’s an abbreviation of the word ‘okay’, I’m going to tell you something that will break your reality.

Language is not defined by people sitting at home with their dictionaries and grammar books, language is, and has always been defined by the way it’s used by real people, regardless of what the rules are. Words in common use are added to dictionaries all the time, to the disgust of many, because that’s simply how language works. In this same way, the universal acceptance of ‘ok’ has made it a word, in contrast to ‘OK’ which is universally hated by all.

I’ll give you another example. If you think that the word ‘Gif’ is pronounced “Jif” because that’s how the creator of the word says it should be pronounced, that is simply incorrect. Language is always defined by it’s use, and the rules adapt to it, not the other way around. With this in mind, that’s why Gif pronounced as “Gif” is also correct and why the word ok, is a word and not an abbreviation.

We already have recognised this internally. I’ve been using the phrase “the word ok” so much here and you didn’t question it for a second.

So saying ‘ok’ is perfectly legitimate. Before phone companies started doing this, I didn’t hear a single complaint about ‘OK’ not being filled in automatically, but now that it is, I’ve heard so many people mention how annoying this is just in passing.

Why not just turn autocorrect off? Well it’s useful for every single word other than the word ‘ok’, so not having it on for other words is actually more annoying, ironically.

These are all the reasons why ‘OK’ is a problem, and my phone keyboard sucks. By the way this post was written using my phone keyboard so you can imagine how annoying this was for me.

What are your thoughts on the word ‘ok’? Do you use ‘OK’ by choice? (That’s a joke btw) and lastly, will you join me in this campaign against the phone companies to become an IT technician, join meetings as a quiet obedient employee, then one day spring up and shout at literally everyone until they let you get rid of this autocorrect catastrophize?

And now for my second mission against the injustice of phone company keyboards, the autocorrection of ‘IT’ (information technology) to ‘It’. I mean seriously…


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