Mandarin Is Really Difficult

I don't know if I'll release this, but I just want to write about the difficulties of mandarin. Because I'm stressed about it right now, which is something I haven't felt ever towards language learning. Before this the most primary difficulty was with Japanese, which I found fun at first but just became a problem. … Continue reading Mandarin Is Really Difficult

Why Talk About Atheism So Much?

Instead of launching into writing and releasing so many blog posts first I maybe should have explained my reasoning. After all, what's the big deal? Why not let people believe what they believe and leave them alone? Why spend so much time talking about something you don't believe to exist? Well let's start. The first … Continue reading Why Talk About Atheism So Much?

Testing Immersion For Language Learning

I've never really been a fan of the tactic of immersion for language learning, that by simply watching media in the language your learning you will pick up on it and start to understand the language better. Granted this includes taking notes and things like that. So today what I'm going to do is what … Continue reading Testing Immersion For Language Learning

I Still Fail To Follow My Own Advice

Remember when I made my post, blogging is supposed to be fun? Well this is written directly after that with literally one minute in-between! The reason for splitting the posts up like this, is that I didn't want to take away from the previous message and loose people in what I was trying to say. … Continue reading I Still Fail To Follow My Own Advice

Blogging Is Supposed To Be Fun!

We can sometimes find ourselves so easily bogged down and set in our ways of blogging about one particular subject that we can forget why we started doing it in the first place. To some of us, blogging can feel like a job, or an obligation to the community that we're in. We don't always … Continue reading Blogging Is Supposed To Be Fun!

Book of Mormon Review – Nephi 1

I am not a member of the church of jesus christ latter-day saints and am just a non-believer who took it upon himself to read it and pray about it as I did so. I read this book over the course of one week, and made notes on what I thought as I went. This … Continue reading Book of Mormon Review – Nephi 1

Methods For Language Learning

You can't learn a language fast without a good method. So what methods have helped me that could also help you? I'll start with the most obvious, so feel free to skip if you already use techniques already. Also please comment with tips if I didn't include anything that you do already! Flashcards An easy … Continue reading Methods For Language Learning