Vampire Knight First Impressions

I recently realised how rare it was for me to watch anime that is different from what I'm used too. Vampire knight is a Shoujo romance story and comes with the art style associated. Then the character designs, and the way they're posed together gives the impression that it's going to be nothing but fujoshi … Continue reading Vampire Knight First Impressions

This is Not Tonegawa

There is an anime by the name of Tonegawa Middle Management Blues (TMMB) which is a spin off to Kaiji about Tonegawa, who has been a massive villain in the series and been the one in charge of most of the conflicts that Kaiji gets himself in. And though Tonegawa is drawn with the same … Continue reading This is Not Tonegawa

Planetes is The Anime of The Future

There is an anime that sums up what I want the near future to be like, and it's called Planetes. The five word summary of this show would be "slice of life in space" and that's a really great thing. I really like the idea of going into space and colonising absolutely every planet out … Continue reading Planetes is The Anime of The Future

Castlevania ep 3 – I think I’ve Made Up My Mind

The creators of netflix's castlevania anime have been talking about doing an adaptation of Berserk to make it 2D and adapt everything. I've been watching castlevania to decide whether I'd want them to adapt this or if I'd want another studio to do it. First of all a 2d full berserk adaptation is better than … Continue reading Castlevania ep 3 – I think I’ve Made Up My Mind

Top 5 Anime of 2018!

Welcome to my post talking about the top 5 shows that aired in 2018, the only requirements for a show to get onto this list is that 1 I completed it and 2 It released in 2018. That's because I only completed 5 anime's that aired this year! Due to this there are quite a … Continue reading Top 5 Anime of 2018!

Top 12 Anime I Watched in 2018!

Now that we've had the manga it's time for the anime! I must also put in the disclaimer that I think all of these are really good and the order of things is really hard to narrow down because some I like equally. This was a very difficult list to make! 12 - When Marnie … Continue reading Top 12 Anime I Watched in 2018!