‘A Silent Voice’ is An Excellent Film

I have found in the past that writing a long review talking about the film in chronological order is unhelpful to a lot of people because they can get insanely long and people don’t have the time or the patience to read it all, so now I’m switching my style to talk about specific things … Continue reading ‘A Silent Voice’ is An Excellent Film


Inuyashiki is a Must Watch!

One of my favourite anime’s from last year was Inuyashiki so this review has been a long time coming! Let’s get into it a whole two months after I said I would – this isn’t going to create a worse blog post in the slightest! At the start of this show Inuyashiki is in a … Continue reading Inuyashiki is a Must Watch!

Do Not Pay For Crunchyroll; it’s a scam

Everyone would chose watching something legally over illegally if not for the price. We all want to feel like we’re making a difference to the industry but the reality is that I support nothing that Crunchyroll does and your money goes to the complete wrong place. I hate 95% of seasonal anime, and what does … Continue reading Do Not Pay For Crunchyroll; it’s a scam


I Now Have A Twitter Account!

Hey it's time to officially announce my twitter which can be found here! I want to tailor the people I follow on WP to ones I know I will definitely like but theirs still a lot of people I want to check out but haven't found the time. I'm still working on that project which … Continue reading I Now Have A Twitter Account!


Showing My Friends Anime Music

Recently I had the opportunity to show my favourite anime music to my friends, some of whom had no idea I liked anime. It was interesting to see their differing perspective to mine. The first thing was that they called it torture but I called it cultural learning. Ages ago r/music got hacked by anime … Continue reading Showing My Friends Anime Music


My Anime 3×3

Lots of anime fans have a 3x3 to tell people what they're favourite anime's are so I thought I'd finally get around to making mine. I didn't pay much attention to the images I used and kind of rushed it so it doesn't look great but oh well here it is! The shows from left … Continue reading My Anime 3×3


Evangelion Month: The Book

Evangelion month is now over and everything except for death and rebirth (which are just recaps) and the film that hasn't been released yet has been covered! The word count of everything I've written this month is around 36k so that makes it a book in my mind. As well as this I still finished … Continue reading Evangelion Month: The Book