The Appeal Of Harem Anime (part 6)

If you’ve been keeping up with the harem saga that I’ve been writing then you may feel like I dislike harems. This was never my intention, as there are many harems that I enjoy (for the longest time two of my favourite shows we’re “Nisekoi” and “Seto No Hanayome” – both harems). As well as … Continue reading The Appeal Of Harem Anime (part 6)

The Importance Of Good Story in Harem Anime (part 5)

I’ve said before in previous posts that even if the characters aren’t great, fleshed out, developed or made to interact well then the situation, plot or ideas of the anime can save the show. Though for harem shows I believe that statement to be completely theoretical because I don’t know any anime that have won … Continue reading The Importance Of Good Story in Harem Anime (part 5)

Why Anime Harem’s Work (part 4)

I started writing about harems ever since re-watching school days (which I didn’t like) and it got me thinking about how harems can work. Reflecting on that I realised that most harems shouldn’t work as you see them in anime, after all how many harems have you seen work in real life? I’d guess none. … Continue reading Why Anime Harem’s Work (part 4)

Good Waifus In Harems (part 3)

Saying that a character is good is all subjective depending on what you want from an anime or what your standard of good characters is. Therefore I wouldn’t be surprised if some people say that they enjoy tropes, after all, tropes only exist because the audience lets them exist, if nobody liked the trope then … Continue reading Good Waifus In Harems (part 3)