So How Many Asian Drama’s Have I Actually Seen?

This is the one that I have been looking forward too the most, I have made it through 29 days of Asian drama's so let's see how much of it I've actually seen! My total watch time on MyDramaList is... 2 days, 15 hours and 39 minutes! Yeah I've talked about Asian drama's for 27 … Continue reading So How Many Asian Drama’s Have I Actually Seen?

Simona Wang

During the course of this challenge there has been one thing that has been asked a lot but never done, and that is to talk about actors and actresses, which ones you like, and which ones you don't. This is because I never follow actors and actresses and they don't tend to be the things … Continue reading Simona Wang

How Bad Shows get Over-hyped – Using Kid’s Cartoon’s as Examples

Big head son, little head daddy is a series that brings a smile upon every person's face who has known it and grown up with it. The series has been recommended to me by multiple people and followed up with by friends to see what I thought about it. However, much to their disappointment it … Continue reading How Bad Shows get Over-hyped – Using Kid’s Cartoon’s as Examples

Describe Asian Drama’s In One Word

Obviously when you go to try and summarise Asian Drama's in two words, immediately two words come to mind "Asian" and "Drama", however which is better? The one which describes the location and the culture of which the drama comes from, or the one that describes the genre of the entertainment, and the kind of … Continue reading Describe Asian Drama’s In One Word

What An Ending Must Do

Arguably one of the most important things not to mess up is the ending, because it can make up for a messy middle or a shaky start! So what do I look for in endings? The only real important thing for an ending, is to be remembered. If it's forgotten, you've likely done something wrong. … Continue reading What An Ending Must Do

Top Five Asian Drama’s!

I have seen at least five Asian drama's, which means that I can make a top five list of the best ones I've seen! 5. Kaili Blues This is a Chinese film that I love for the setting, though it has absolutely nothing that a normal film tends to have, the world is just so … Continue reading Top Five Asian Drama’s!