This 100% Accurate Website Will Rank Your Blog!

When I was shamelessly checking how well my blog ranked in google searches I came across a website ranker, and much to my surprise - I was one of those websites on that website. So naturally, I was curious. This is what I found. Yay! What an amazing and glowing review! Nothing on the actual … Continue reading This 100% Accurate Website Will Rank Your Blog!

Poor lonely boy

Comments have always been more important to me than views because I appreciate that discussion, it can be a lot more satisfying to discuss with someone your post impacted instead of just seeing a number go up. I've been having a great time in the comments lately and here is the shocking statistic that makes … Continue reading Poor lonely boy


To start I would like to thank everyone who followed me, the people who read something I wrote and thought I was worth their time! Thank you! From a combination of WordPress followers and email followers I’ve achieved 100 followers! I’ve been amazed with the very quick growth I’ve been having recently so thank you … Continue reading 100 FOLLOWERS, THANK YOU!

1 Year of Anime Blogging! + What’s going on in 2018?

One year has passed since I started writing my blog, pretty cool right? I never thought there would even be a blogging community when I started but it’s nice that you guys took the time to read and pay attention to my work. Thank you! Starting my blog on the 27th of December 2016 is … Continue reading 1 Year of Anime Blogging! + What’s going on in 2018?

One Lovely Blog Award – MBICE

Thank you TPAB for nominating this award to me. It’s great to receive the lovely blog award from someone who really thinks I deserve this. In a list of “love their personal stories”, “enjoying their posts a lot”, “your awesome”, I was pleased to be nominated for “his brain is completely empty”. Yeah, thanks a … Continue reading One Lovely Blog Award – MBICE