I Finished My Book!

On the first of February I started writing my book, and now I'm done. It's fifty two thousand words long and has 31 chapters. What else has 31 things in it hmm, the month of March? No I'm not doing that again! Two a week at most from now on! Even though the book was … Continue reading I Finished My Book!


Eromanga Sensei – Taking Inspiration from Art

Ages ago while eromanga was airing a member of a weekly review podcast decided to copy the characters in eromanga sensei. In eromanga sensei the main characters are terrible people but also light novel writers, writers who are able to write a whole light novel in one day. The person on this podcast tried to … Continue reading Eromanga Sensei – Taking Inspiration from Art

“The Story Already Exists In My Head” – (Writing advice)

The problem with writing stories besides the fact that writing is hard is all of the small things that you need to do to make a narrative work. I find that the overall problem is that the story already exists in your head so why should you write it? It’s something that I’ve struggled with … Continue reading “The Story Already Exists In My Head” – (Writing advice)