Simona Wang

During the course of this challenge there has been one thing that has been asked a lot but never done, and that is to talk about actors and actresses, which ones you like, and which ones you don't. This is because I never follow actors and actresses and they don't tend to be the things … Continue reading Simona Wang

Thoughts On HSK 1 – Chinese Exam

As you know already, I have been studying Chinese seriously for just over four weeks now. While I did have lessons, they were two years ago, very basic, I didn't care about them, and I had forgotten nearly everything. But it did give me a head start. When I was doing these lessons I passed … Continue reading Thoughts On HSK 1 – Chinese Exam

My Ridiculously High Language Learning Target

Well now that I've explained the first ridiculously high target I've set myself over the summer - it's time for the next one! This one is a little bit absurd and is going to sound crazy until I explain it, and even then it'll still sound outrageous. So here's the commitment - by the end … Continue reading My Ridiculously High Language Learning Target