Neon Genesis Evangelion – Weaving a Story [14]

Something that makes my job a whole lot easier as an episode reviewer is the recap episode, to see everything that was shown in the recap just read all of the previous posts! I actually really dislike recap episodes and despite it being edited interestingly and uniquely it was still a recap episode and really … Continue reading Neon Genesis Evangelion – Weaving a Story [14]


Neon Genesis Evangelion – The Value Of Miricles / She said, ‘Don’t make others suffer for your personal hatred’ [12]

We open with a shot of Misato’s back story where her father saves her life by putting her inside a massive capsule before an angel explodes killing him. Misato is still contemplating this moment as Shinji and his friends are taking shelter from the rain. It really shows the difference in personality when the characters … Continue reading Neon Genesis Evangelion – The Value Of Miricles / She said, ‘Don’t make others suffer for your personal hatred’ [12]

Shiki – The Final Hunt [22]

The Final Hunt 25/10/17 3:48 PM The sun sets on Sotoba village and I felt an immense worry for what would happen, since the vampires are now safer. This happens as soon as Seishin runs away so Sunako immediately gets up and starts looking around, which was sad in my opinion. I thought it would … Continue reading Shiki – The Final Hunt [22]


Shiki – Slaughter [21]

Twenty First Slaughter – 25/10/17 2:46 PM As far as I’m concerned this may as well have been the last episode since it seemed to tie up every loose end very nicely. The few points that were left hanging can easily be explained or is best left to interpretation in my opinion. So this will … Continue reading Shiki – Slaughter [21]


Shiki – Mourning [20]

Twenteith Mourning – 25/10/17 1:14 PM At the start of the episode I found myself thinking that at the shows current pace the show would need to do a whole lot of murdering to resolve the plot. And it certainly didn’t disappoint. In fact the episode starts with a vampire’s eyes exploding due to exposure … Continue reading Shiki – Mourning [20]


Shiki – Coffin [19]

Nineteenth Coffin - 23/10/17 6:51 PM The episode opens where we left off at Chizuru’s death. Toshio uses this moment to rally the villagers and cause them to go on a hunt for the vampires. I see people rooting for the Shiki or calling the humans equaly bad but this is obviously incorrect. The vampires … Continue reading Shiki – Coffin [19]


Shiki – Night [18]

Eighteenth Night - 23/10/17 12:44 PM I think this episode was the best yet because everything I wanted to happen from the start took place here, and it was great. But I’m getting ahead of myself; the introduction was still interesting for its own reasons even if it didn’t have the pay off at the … Continue reading Shiki – Night [18]