Shiki – Mourning [10]

Tenth Mourning – 19/10/17 8:18 PM There was something about this episode which made the vampires feel a whole lot less villainous than they used to be and that’s done through showing us the story from their perspective, they’re really evil but I’ve ended up liking some of the vampires, which is something that I … Continue reading Shiki – Mourning [10]

Shiki – Night [8]

Eighth Night – 19/10/17 5:39 PM After the previous thrilling episode where everything started coming together to form a narrative more focussed on the threats instead of reactions to deaths I wanted this momentum to continue into the next episode and well, this sort of happened. Whilst the characters made progressions to come to the … Continue reading Shiki – Night [8]

Tsurezure Children Episode 1 Review

Tsurezure children is about depicting different scenarios about love and how different people react and deal with it. The high school setting and lack of main character allow us to view a snapshot into each characters love life to hopefully find it funny or interesting. This also means that if we find one particular character … Continue reading Tsurezure Children Episode 1 Review