Top Five Asian Drama’s!

I have seen at least five Asian drama's, which means that I can make a top five list of the best ones I've seen! 5. Kaili Blues This is a Chinese film that I love for the setting, though it has absolutely nothing that a normal film tends to have, the world is just so … Continue reading Top Five Asian Drama’s!

Why Asian Drama’s?

I started outwardly seeking Asian Drama's after a film called "train to Busan" and it was amazing, perhaps not for the reasons why you might think though. It was dumb and silly, and made you laugh, however outside of that it was very emotional and heart-warming. Ultimately ending very emotionally in a very nice way … Continue reading Why Asian Drama’s?

An Insane Pirate Crew – My Pirate Crew Tag

Thank you to a nerdy perspective for the tag! I've not seen this tag before but it looks fun, let's try it out! Rules: Display the My Pirate Crew logo and add ‘My Pirate Crew’ as a tag. Thank the blogger who nominated you and post a link to their blog. Link back to the original … Continue reading An Insane Pirate Crew – My Pirate Crew Tag

How A Horror Story from GTO Influenced So Many People I know

When you think of legendary comedy Great Teacher Onizuka horror is not what first springs to mind. However it features a horror story which has been very influential to a lot of people I know. Here's why. The Horror Story (How I remember it - not copying the shows version) A man was walking home … Continue reading How A Horror Story from GTO Influenced So Many People I know

Top 7 Flawed Anime Characters!

I really like flawed characters, there is something so sad and relatable about them that you just can't help but love them! Honorable mentions - Killua, Griffith, Caska and Killua 7. Guts - Berserk The only reason why Guts is on the bottom of this list is because I already talked about him in the … Continue reading Top 7 Flawed Anime Characters!

The Best Anime’s I Watched In 2017!

In 2017 I watched a lot of anime and wrote about what I watched on a monthly, now it’s time to rank all of the shows to find which one was the best! So this is basically a top 12 list! New GTO Before you get excited by the new series of Great Teacher Onizuka … Continue reading The Best Anime’s I Watched In 2017!