Junk Boy – ADB

Alternative Titles English: Junk Boy Synonyms: The Incredible Gyoukai Video Junk Boy Japanese: ジャンクボーイ   Information Type: OVA Episodes: 1 Status: Finished Airing Aired: Dec 16, 1987 Producers: Victor Entertainment Licensors: Manga Entertainment Studios: Madhouse Source: Manga Genres: Comedy, Romance, Ecchi Duration: 45 min. Rating: R+ - Mild Nudity Synopsis 23-year-old Ryohei Yamazaki has just one thing on his mind: sex. And with his sweet-talking, honey-voiced ways, Ryohei has no trouble … Continue reading Junk Boy – ADB


Junk Boy Review!

As I was trying to find shows to watch that were similar to golden boy I came across this one episode OVA called Junk boy and it was well, pretty bad. Unlike many I didn’t really dislike the art style or animation; I knew it was late 80’s show anyway so I didn’t expect much.  … Continue reading Junk Boy Review!