The Best Anime’s I Watched In 2017!

In 2017 I watched a lot of anime and wrote about what I watched on a monthly, now it’s time to rank all of the shows to find which one was the best! So this is basically a top 12 list! New GTO Before you get excited by the new series of Great Teacher Onizuka … Continue reading The Best Anime’s I Watched In 2017!

What I watched In September! (reviews and recommendations of anime)

Welcome to the urgent, last minute round up of everything I watched in September! Yet again I’ve had a very busy month without viewing too much but oh well, you might see why in the future. Kodomo No Jikan I’ve not seen an anime tackle the issues of paedophilia in a way like this. It … Continue reading What I watched In September! (reviews and recommendations of anime)

Kodomo No Jikan Anime Review

This anime is pretty controversial and many people have problems with it which I’ve addressed in this post here. It’s basically a disclaimer for everything I’m about to say and something I can point you towards if you have any concerns. Something I’ve noticed when reading reviews on my anime list is that most of … Continue reading Kodomo No Jikan Anime Review

Kodomo No Jikan: Addressing Criticism

I would like to release a post talking about Kodomo No Jikan however as it’s a story about a 7 year old trying to seduce her 23 year old teacher there are obvious concerns and criticisms to address before I actually get to what I want to talk about. This post is worth reading if … Continue reading Kodomo No Jikan: Addressing Criticism