How I’m Learning Chinese At University

With university going on you have to ask the question, how are you able to keep up with learning Chinese when your so busy? The first thing I have to say is that you do have to prioritise. I have sacrificed my free time in order to learn. When I am not eating, cooking, studying, … Continue reading How I’m Learning Chinese At University

Why I Bought Memrise Premium

Memrise premium is something that is advertised to you a lot whenever you complete your daily target, you always get a 20% discount off. But is it worth it? The short answer is no, yet I bought it anyway. Why? I feel like free education is a good thing. And memrise has helped me so … Continue reading Why I Bought Memrise Premium

Mandarin Is Really Difficult

I don't know if I'll release this, but I just want to write about the difficulties of mandarin. Because I'm stressed about it right now, which is something I haven't felt ever towards language learning. Before this the most primary difficulty was with Japanese, which I found fun at first but just became a problem. … Continue reading Mandarin Is Really Difficult

Testing Immersion For Language Learning

I've never really been a fan of the tactic of immersion for language learning, that by simply watching media in the language your learning you will pick up on it and start to understand the language better. Granted this includes taking notes and things like that. So today what I'm going to do is what … Continue reading Testing Immersion For Language Learning

Methods For Language Learning

You can't learn a language fast without a good method. So what methods have helped me that could also help you? I'll start with the most obvious, so feel free to skip if you already use techniques already. Also please comment with tips if I didn't include anything that you do already! Flashcards An easy … Continue reading Methods For Language Learning

Advice For Staying Motivated For Language Learning

I'd argue that the most difficult thing about learning a language, is not the grammar, nor the words, but finding the motivation to learn it day after day. It can be difficult, and I don't want to claim that I'm perfect when it comes to learning my second language, it's just that these things help … Continue reading Advice For Staying Motivated For Language Learning

HelloTalk Review – Find Language Partners Easily!

I had heard of this for a while but never really considered using it until recently. I thought that there was no harm in checking it out so I did! What I found was surprisingly great. HelloTalk is a way to find language partners without meeting them in person, it's genuinely as simple as saying … Continue reading HelloTalk Review – Find Language Partners Easily!