We Should Ban Loli/Shota Hentai

Hey it's the subject which makes absolutely everyone horribly uncomfortable and disgusted. Did you miss it? I know I didn't! But as disgusted as thinking about loli/shota porn makes me, I've had some thoughts that I feel like I should say. So here they are! Regardless of your stance on the side of the debate … Continue reading We Should Ban Loli/Shota Hentai

Kodomo No Jikan: Addressing Criticism

I would like to release a post talking about Kodomo No Jikan however as it’s a story about a 7 year old trying to seduce her 23 year old teacher there are obvious concerns and criticisms to address before I actually get to what I want to talk about. This post is worth reading if … Continue reading Kodomo No Jikan: Addressing Criticism