Music Week – Gattsu (Theme of Guts)

Here we are! It's the last day of music week and this one is a treat! Probably my favourite song of all time. I love it for the peaceful tranquility it communicates in a world of terror and war known as Midland. If you ever see me with my headphones on chances are I'm listening … Continue reading Music Week – Gattsu (Theme of Guts)

Music Week – Zelda’s Lullaby

Here is the classic tune Zelda's Lullaby on Piano. I think this one must be the short version or something.   And because we're not all perfect... One more post left in the week, what's it gonna be?

Music Week – Song of Unhealing

On the 2nd day of music week we had the song of healing. Now it's the song of unhealing which is the song of healing backwards. Why release a song which is the same as another only backwards? Well it sounds great! Also it's a huge part of the Ben drowned creepy pasta which is … Continue reading Music Week – Song of Unhealing

Music Week – Song of Storms Piano Cover

Here is the next installment in Music week, there is a big theme of Zelda songs here. That's because I'm a huge fan of Zelda and learned a lot of Zelda songs at the time for fun. Sorry because this one has a few errors in it that I can't phase out of my head, … Continue reading Music Week – Song of Storms Piano Cover