How To Overpowered Main Character Part Two

The link to part one doesn't exist yet because it will be released in the future however when I get round to it you will be able to find part one here. Previously I talked about the importance of context in making an overpowered main character good. Now I will talk about a character that … Continue reading How To Overpowered Main Character Part Two

How To Overpowered Main Character

I don't think anyone's going to argue with me to say that an overpowered main character can't be interesting or implemented into a great story. We've got people like Light Yamgami, One Punch Man and Kuro sensei who make great overpowered characters and people seem to like them. So is it fair to say that … Continue reading How To Overpowered Main Character

Showing My Friends Anime Music

Recently I had the opportunity to show my favourite anime music to my friends, some of whom had no idea I liked anime. It was interesting to see their differing perspective to mine. The first thing was that they called it torture but I called it cultural learning. Ages ago r/music got hacked by anime … Continue reading Showing My Friends Anime Music

Watamote – Fall in love. Be Popular.

One of my favourite anime shows is watamote, and I enjoy its comedy and protagonist. Luckily for us Watamote’s OP, unfortunately named “No matter how I look at it, it’s your fault I’m not popular”, has a lot of intrigue I’m going to explore today similar to my recent post talking about Kaiji. Anime OP’s … Continue reading Watamote – Fall in love. Be Popular.