5 Short Anime Reviews!

Today I finally have gotten three months ahead of myself which is as far enough ahead as I want it to be. To celebrate this I have brought back a set of five short reviews describing my opinions on shows that I completed or dropped. To do this I randomly generated a number which correlated … Continue reading 5 Short Anime Reviews!


Pokémon: The Show We Cared About

When we were growing we all had something that we cared about greatly and for me, this was Pokémon. I don’t actually remember the first episode that I ever watched but I’m very confident that I watched it before any other anime. It would have probably been Diamond and Pearl but I’m not 100% sure, … Continue reading Pokémon: The Show We Cared About

The Top 5 Video Games I Played In 2016!

This list is seriously late however If I wrote it in December 2016 it's better to release it late than not at all. Just to clarify this isn't the top 5 games that released in 2016 just the ones that I played. And I played pretty much nothing and my only consoles are PC and … Continue reading The Top 5 Video Games I Played In 2016!