On 500 Word Anime

I seem to have accidentally fallen into a pattern where everything I write is 500 words and it's really weird to me. When I write a blog posts about a point if my idea is really short it hardly feels worth it to post. Like it lacks substance or ideas, especially passion. It doesn't feel … Continue reading On 500 Word Anime


Alright I found this out today but the WP scheduler really sucks when it comes to time zones. In some time zones we have something called daylight saving time where we change the time forward or back by an hour. Even though I have my time zone set in London because I live in England … Continue reading WordPress, FIX YOUR TIME ZONES.

Sports Anime and Real Life: Tournament Arcs vs League tables

Let’s talk about football tournaments: there’s not very many of them which are popular.  Theirs obviously the world cup, champion’s league, FA cup and EFL cup (I only looked up for UK – where I live) but not many others. Even saying these, the world cup and champions league both have league tables at the … Continue reading Sports Anime and Real Life: Tournament Arcs vs League tables

Sports Anime’s Are Better Than Real Sports

This may seem a bit nerdy however I think watching sports anime is better than watching actual sport. Heck, if you don’t even like anime, watching sports films is better than watching real sport. First I feel it’s important to explain how sports anime is nothing like watching sports. Writing this was inspired by one … Continue reading Sports Anime’s Are Better Than Real Sports