Why do Good Shows Get Under-hyped?

This question is very subjective, and some may argue that a show is only as popular is it should be, however if shows can gain massive popularity, only to retroactively have it's fan base turn on it and realise how bad it is (SAO) then surely it is possible that a good show could have … Continue reading Why do Good Shows Get Under-hyped?

Why Watch Shows Seasonally?

Today's question was "Favourite drama season and why?" but I may spoil you now and say I don't have one, because I do not really watch anything seasonally. First of all I didn't even know that seasons for Asian drama's existed, the length of drama's tend to be longer than 12 episodes, more like 20, … Continue reading Why Watch Shows Seasonally?

Top 5 Anime of 2018!

Welcome to my post talking about the top 5 shows that aired in 2018, the only requirements for a show to get onto this list is that 1 I completed it and 2 It released in 2018. That's because I only completed 5 anime's that aired this year! Due to this there are quite a … Continue reading Top 5 Anime of 2018!