Top 12 Manga I read in 2018!

It's time for the annual posts talking about the top 12 manga I read in 2018! Reading manga is quite a struggle for me and last year it wasn't even possible to make this list since I probably didn't even read 12 manga's in that year! But now that I have it's time to talk … Continue reading Top 12 Manga I read in 2018!

Top 7 Flawed Anime Characters!

I really like flawed characters, there is something so sad and relatable about them that you just can't help but love them! Honorable mentions - Killua, Griffith, Caska and Killua 7. Guts - Berserk The only reason why Guts is on the bottom of this list is because I already talked about him in the … Continue reading Top 7 Flawed Anime Characters!