What An Ending Must Do

Arguably one of the most important things not to mess up is the ending, because it can make up for a messy middle or a shaky start! So what do I look for in endings? The only real important thing for an ending, is to be remembered. If it's forgotten, you've likely done something wrong. … Continue reading What An Ending Must Do

Top Five Asian Drama’s!

I have seen at least five Asian drama's, which means that I can make a top five list of the best ones I've seen! 5. Kaili Blues This is a Chinese film that I love for the setting, though it has absolutely nothing that a normal film tends to have, the world is just so … Continue reading Top Five Asian Drama’s!

I Took The Train to Busan And I’m Never Coming Back!

Just now I created an account on "my drama list" and added all of the live action drama's that I've seen and WHAT!? I've seen 24.02 days of live action drama's!? Oh wait 24.02 hours. Yesterday I posted a Twitter poll asking if people would be interested if I started talking about live action drama's … Continue reading I Took The Train to Busan And I’m Never Coming Back!