The 8 Best Anime of 2017!

2017 is now over and I want to look over the shows that did the most right this year! So here are my top 8 anime’s released in 2017 along with honourable mentions at the end! Masamune kuns revenge A boy got rejected at a young age by a ”Cruel Princess” and now to this … Continue reading The 8 Best Anime of 2017!

Tsurezure Children Is A Great High School Rom-Com!

I really enjoyed this show from beginning to end. The anime features short skits from a range of couples in a school to present comedic love stories for (almost) every stage in a relationship, making the school feel more integrated and realised than many other shows I’ve seen. Adapting a series from a 4-koma manga … Continue reading Tsurezure Children Is A Great High School Rom-Com!

Tsurezure Children Episode 1 Review

Tsurezure children is about depicting different scenarios about love and how different people react and deal with it. The high school setting and lack of main character allow us to view a snapshot into each characters love life to hopefully find it funny or interesting. This also means that if we find one particular character … Continue reading Tsurezure Children Episode 1 Review