Blogging Is Supposed To Be Fun!

We can sometimes find ourselves so easily bogged down and set in our ways of blogging about one particular subject that we can forget why we started doing it in the first place. To some of us, blogging can feel like a job, or an obligation to the community that we're in. We don't always … Continue reading Blogging Is Supposed To Be Fun!

I’m in a Creative Pickle!

I am in a creative pickle. Of late university has started again, everything is running again, and I don't have ideas. However instead of saying that I'll instead pretend that I've spent the whole of this month off writing the best top quality story I could come up with, even though, while it is over … Continue reading I’m in a Creative Pickle!

WP Spam Showdown – My New Life Dream

Lina’s post, Spam Attack!, made me decide to look at my own spam comments to see if I could find any funny ones for myself! And I’ve had some great ones! Also WP really needs to stop deleting spam comments so often; they’re really funny! Our first comment is on my XC3D grinding guide and … Continue reading WP Spam Showdown – My New Life Dream


To start I would like to thank everyone who followed me, the people who read something I wrote and thought I was worth their time! Thank you! From a combination of WordPress followers and email followers I’ve achieved 100 followers! I’ve been amazed with the very quick growth I’ve been having recently so thank you … Continue reading 100 FOLLOWERS, THANK YOU!