I am an anime blogger who occasionally deviates to discuss gaming, random things, anime theories, light novels and manga! It’s pretty fun. A common thread throughout my posts is that I make them meaningful,  by trying to convey a new point, interpretation or analysis I hope to make people think and be interested in what I’m saying, even if I’m still only doing this for myself.

A surprising fact about me is that I don’t read anime blogs. I just use this as a creative outlet to improve my writing skills, which aren’t great. Despite looking for other anime blogs I’ve not found one which interests me to keep coming back for more than a few weeks. Needless to say, I’m not often interested in others anime blogs (even though I do read the anime tag)  and I hope my blog is different and unique enough to stand out from those who already exist since I’ve not really found another blog quite like this one!

I currently release three posts a week. So why not check them out?

I love this picture so much!