I write about anime mainly but I also occasionally write about video games as well. For example my 10 part kings quest 2015 series that’s already being released / has been released. I release at least three blog posts in a week on Monday, Thursday and Saturday at 7 o clock exactly. Even though I only release three posts a week I actually write a lot more, scheduling posts way into the future so that if I have an off week I’ll be ok (that hasn’t happened yet)

I initially started this blog to improve my writing and release unused video scripts however I very much blog now because I like doing it. I was very surprised that anyone actually bothered to read, like and respond to any of my post so it’s very gratifying when I see that someone got a lot out of my posts.

Anyway I feel like this about section is meant for me to detail information about me. So my name is Ross, I watch a lot of  anime and prefer comedy to most other genres. For a long time my favorite anime was Nisekoi, Seto No Hanayome and squid girl but now that I’ve seen mysterious girlfriend X I’m sure if it’s my all time favorite just because the genres are different.

I also play the piano and focus more on learning songs from the Legend Of Zelda and Final Fantasy series than actually getting higher grades. I’t a bit strange when you consider that I don’t even play final fantasy games, I do like the rhythm one on the 3ds though.

If you have any comments and questions about my blog posts I am more than happy to respond.