‘A Silent Voice’ is An Excellent Film

I have found in the past that writing a long review talking about the film in chronological order is unhelpful to a lot of people because they can get insanely long and people don’t have the time or the patience to read it all, so now I’m switching my style to talk about specific things … Continue reading ‘A Silent Voice’ is An Excellent Film


Inuyashiki is a Must Watch!

One of my favourite anime’s from last year was Inuyashiki so this review has been a long time coming! Let’s get into it a whole two months after I said I would – this isn’t going to create a worse blog post in the slightest! At the start of this show Inuyashiki is in a … Continue reading Inuyashiki is a Must Watch!

Tsurezure Children Is A Great High School Rom-Com!

I really enjoyed this show from beginning to end. The anime features short skits from a range of couples in a school to present comedic love stories for (almost) every stage in a relationship, making the school feel more integrated and realised than many other shows I’ve seen. Adapting a series from a 4-koma manga … Continue reading Tsurezure Children Is A Great High School Rom-Com!


Ponyo On The Cliff By The Sea Is An Amazing Film

I watched Ponyo a while ago and I loved it! It was an enjoyable, fun ride of the movie with a backdrop of interesting themes I could appreciate.  It’s a great film which is easy to watch and I recommend it to every anime fan and any movie fan who likes studio Ghibli. This is … Continue reading Ponyo On The Cliff By The Sea Is An Amazing Film


Kodomo No Jikan Anime Review

This anime is pretty controversial and many people have problems with it which I’ve addressed in this post here. It’s basically a disclaimer for everything I’m about to say and something I can point you towards if you have any concerns. Something I’ve noticed when reading reviews on my anime list is that most of … Continue reading Kodomo No Jikan Anime Review


The Girl Who Leapt Through Time Is a Great Film

It’s rare for me to find a time travel film which tackles it’s time travel mechanic in such an interesting and personal way. Instead of a simple save the world plotline the show explored the less catastrophic, more fun side of time travel whilst still creating an interesting, high stakes story which is fun to … Continue reading The Girl Who Leapt Through Time Is a Great Film


5 Short Anime Reviews!

Today I finally have gotten three months ahead of myself which is as far enough ahead as I want it to be. To celebrate this I have brought back a set of five short reviews describing my opinions on shows that I completed or dropped. To do this I randomly generated a number which correlated … Continue reading 5 Short Anime Reviews!