Ghost Stories: A Different Kind Of Comedy

Ghost stories is just hilarious, if you’ve not seen it you owe it to yourself to watch it dubbed. For the uninitiated the sub of ghost stories performed very badly compared to what was expected, this led to the best decision ever. Let’s just say whatever the hell we want as long as it loosely follows the same story. This leads to jokes that you’d never get from any anime and most normal cartoons.

I can understand if you dislike this at first (I did) but on my re-watch I understood that it wasn’t meant to be taken seriously at all. That’s where the comedy comes from; you can turn it on, sit back and relax while enjoying the comedy that’s intertwined in the story.

The story is pretty catastrophic and would be rubbish if you watched it subbed, due to the normally dull episodic structure. The episodes focus on a new ghost or scenario each episode and how the kids deal with it (surprisingly well) these scenarios can range from a complex time travel plot to discover the histories of the ghost book or just simply hearing fur elise on the phone constantly.

The dub voice actors enable an extremely funny narrative in each episode with this dynamic and you’d be surprised at the amount of crude jokes that can be slotted in to this. If you’re a fan of sexual jokes and humour, this anime will appeal to you far more than most.

I like the portrayal of the strong Christian female character with many issues. She often blames others for being “filthy sinners” and is constantly shoving her religion in their face. Not something that I think should happen in real life as it’s obnoxious however this character makes religion funny without being outright offensive to Christianity. It’s actually quite believable that a Christian might have these views but it’s simply funny when she states them out loud.

Her character creates a lot of chemistry with the Jewish character and as you can imagine there’s a lot of controversial yet humorous scenes between them. This show treads the line between offensive and acceptable with many jokes that would be unacceptable in real life but made fine in the context of the anime. If you get offended easily e.g. you got even a bit annoyed at the fact that I talked about two different religions and the way they act (even though I’m a Christian myself) then this might not be for you.

There are so many jokes about sex and romance in this. It’s implied that the female main characters mother from the past is sexually attracted too her which creates a funny episode ending. On top of this the teachers outright proclaim that they’re going to have sex with the other teachers, it’s just hilarious!

As you start to get to know the characters more you start to see the characters in a better way and find their comedic interactions more hilarious than they could ever be from a funny moment’s compilation.

I love the op and ed, whilst they might not be the most appealing to others they’re catchy and deliver a good and fun atmosphere. I love that feeling when the ED “Sexy Sexy” plays and you hear the words “yuugure no  kanata kara shinkirou” whilst taking satisfaction in the fact that I’ve just seen a brilliantly hilarious episode.

Have you noticed that I’ve not really talked about anything besides the comedy? It’s because that’s mostly what it’s got going for it. The visuals and animation are old and outdated and the villains are disgustingly terrible. But that’s why it works so well, you get to see a whole cast of voice actors who don’t care and are just trying to have fun with their work. Give it a try, don’t care about the villains, just settle down and relax, you won’t regret it. Ghost stories gets an 8 out of 10.


4 thoughts on “Ghost Stories: A Different Kind Of Comedy

  1. I actually loved the subbed version. It aired in Animax asia, and being from a superstitious culture, the episodes actually worked for me. It had its legit scary episodes, and it had a rich japanese lore to work with.

    The dub is actually more infamous, but it stings when a show you loved is treated as a joke now. I respect people liking the dub, but I hope they try the sub too. The atmosphere of the show actually works, but I guess the heavy culture barrier won’t really work for others.

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    1. I’ve never treated ghost stories as a joke really, I just liked how it went where most dubs have never really gone before.

      I’d love to think that the sub was good as well but I don’t really feel like going back to watch the events that I’ve already seen again. I think the old show is probably less good for me now because I already know what’s coming but I’ll bear it in mind that the sub wasn’t that bad.

      I’m surprised that you found some episodes scary, got any episodes that stick out as scary off of the top of your head? If you say that they’re any good I’ll watch them.

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