The Wildhunt – Chapter 2

The old Koka was dead, and all knew the name "Ivette" yet the music stayed the same. I don't remember how it happened, or when it happened, but slowly over time. The music of Ivette was replaced, gradually and slowly, until all that was left was the remains of the old Koka, and nobody had … Continue reading The Wildhunt – Chapter 2

The Wildhunt – Chapter 1 – The Old Koka

The lute is all that matters. Not the sickle, the rake, or the hammer. People live their lives, hoping to one day follow their dream. To me, there is no dream. Just life. My life is the dream. And if my dream dies, so does my life. I sat at the very back of the … Continue reading The Wildhunt – Chapter 1 – The Old Koka