This Is Not An Anime Blog Anymore

Many of you may have noticed it by now, but this is not an anime blog anymore, and if this is a sudden shock to you, why are you so shocked? It’s been this way for a while.

I’m not just talking about the Asian drama challenge, but the last post I made (provided it wasn’t to do with the 30 days of anime challenge when I didn’t know what to write about) about manga was all the way back on 25th of May, and before that it was my impressions of Vampire Knight on April 19th!

Though I have been posting really infrequently in general so I’d forgive everyone for not noticing.

So what is this blog now? This blog is entirely personal, it’s not about anything expect for me, and what I want to talk about at the time.

I guess technically it always was that, because the only thing on my mind used to be anime, however now I’m moving on to different things.

What I hope I can provide, is interesting and different content. But if you want anything to stay for then the things I can guarantee I will talk about for certain is language learning (Chinese specifically), Chinese drama’s, and definitely more athiesm content. The latter not to force my view, but because the conversations are very long and very interesting as a consequence, it’s a subject that is just interesting to talk about with people on both sides.

So there you go, only here for the anime? Well I can guarantee that there won’t be nearly as much as that! However there are still a couple of things I’ve still got left to do with anime, for example I cannot die without finishing monster and space brothers first and I will still be going to anime society at my university which means there will still be a lot of anime to see! And if something catches my interest, then of course I’ll write about it!

It’s the change of attitude that I want to make clear, I no longer feel like I’m writing for an anime blog, I’m writing for a blog about me and my interests. I’m not writing anime posts for an anime blog, I’ll occasionally be writing anime posts for my personal blog. And that’s the main difference!

But I suppose the key question is why? The first I suppose is that I want to talk about different things, but that’s not stopped me before, I categorise posts into separate genres for the nature that they are, and though at the start anime was the largest, it’s slowly becoming that the genre called “Ross” is becoming the largest to the extent that it’s become the default genre tag now.

But that doesn’t answer the question you likely all came here for, what about the anime?

Well I have been watching anime for maybe three to four years, and it was a good three to four years. But now I find it’s difficult to watch anime. I can’t get invested in the same kind of shows anymore, or any of the shows really, I can’t find myself interested in most of the new concepts and ideas, and I can’t find myself liking the art form, and I can’t help myself but to think that there are better things in other mediums besides anime that I’m missing out on, and it would be a shame if I didn’t watch them!

Besides the factors about enjoyment, there are good arguments that the anime industry is the least morale. They overwork their staff and pay them ridiculously low amounts. The working standards are horrible. The sad fact is that the way to solve this problem is to support the industry, however I don’t feel like I can or want too currently. It’s a problem I don’t feel is easy to fix in the slightest, whether the solution is to throw more money at the studio’s than not!

So it’s been a good run, we’ve had some amazing times, and some funny times, and very little sad ones. And I hope this continues as I change my content and continue to write about things that interest me.

It’s been great to be one of you, and to be part of this amazing community (which I will of course stick around with) but now it’s time to say goodbye to the badge of ani-blogger.

Please don’t be sad or offended that I might not like anime anymore, please feel happy that I’ve found things that I want to write about more instead.

Anime has been good to me, it’s given me so much enjoyment and fun in the past, not just through watching  it but through talking to people so much, and meeting so many people on the way.

However some things must come to an end, so here it is

Thank you for reading the final day of the 30 days of Asian drama challenge! Today I answered the question “Least favourite genre of Asian drama” and that of course, is currently anime. And you have to admit, this is probably the most dramatic way a 30 days of anything challenge has ever concluded!

Thank you very much for sticking with me through this challenge, it’s been a joy to write. Trying desperately to come up with interesting post ideas and switching to the pewdiepie method of naming blog posts has made is challenging, but fun too. I’m glad I did it!

Well I’ll be seeing you in the future, I already have a couple of ideas in the works!

It’s all swings and roundabouts.


14 thoughts on “This Is Not An Anime Blog Anymore

  1. Congratulations! 😭 Not everyone finds the courage to branch out and leave a sphere you’ve worked with for a while. And I can certainly understand. I just got back to posting yesterday after a YEAR of hiatus and this post just literally helped me sort my thoughts on how I should approach my comeback.

    I also agree with how you feel about new anime shows. I can count with one hand the ones I want to watch, but even they don’t feel urgent. So yes, I no longer find myself relevant in this arena.

    Thanks for sharing!!! It feels good to know I’m not alone. *hugs you tight* 😭

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    1. Hey that’s awesome! It’s inevitable that our interests will change, so why not embrace them and write about what you want to?

      We can spend so much time blogging about one certain thing, that we forget it’s all supposed to be for fun, and if your not having it, then it’s really worth considering change.

      I’m so glad I could help you here. What have you decided to do now? I’m really interested!

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      1. Nothing very specific yet, but I’m looking at an apportunity to explore film & literature since that’s what I’m preoccupied right now. But who knows. I’m keeping my doors open. But for sure I’ll have something before the year ends. The plan is after my vacation. I’m traveling overseas for inspiration! 😂😂

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        1. Ah ok, I feel it’s also worth mentioning that you don’t have to be a blogger if you don’t like blogging, you know this already from your year break. But if you don’t find anything you want to write about instead, that’s also ok.

          One thing that I’ve found helps to get back into blogging after a long break is to write anything, just one blog post – then it’s just somehow easier.

          Good luck finding something, hope you enjoy your holiday!

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  2. I haven’t read many blogposts in a long while (read: before summer) and now that I do this is what I read. You know, I moved on a long time ago and somehow it felt kind of liberating. Watching anime became more of a job than a pleasure and truth be I didn’t find that magic that it once had. I think it’s good to move on, find new ground and do whatever the h*ll pleases you. I’m sure your blog will be just as fine without anime than with.

    (What in the world is the Pewdiepie method anyway? All I’ve seen him do is name his videos in Swedish and that’s just silly.)

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    1. Haha in Pewdiepie’s let’s play series he doesn’t call it “Minecraft Survival Episode 21 – Underwater dog” – he names them “My Minecraft Dog Is Trapped Underwater!” so instead of naming my posts “30 Day Asian Drama Challenge Day 19 – What is Your Attitude towards re-watching shows?” I name it “I don’t tend to re-watch anything” – that’s the Pewdiepie method haha

      I haven’t read blog posts consistently ever, and obviously most of the blogs I follow are anime, so they don’t interest me. I’m trying (but not very hard at all) to find other blogs I would rather read.

      Your right, for me it felt great to say “This is my personal blog, I can write whatever I want!”

      Thank you very much, I’m writing about what interests me now, and I’m actually writing posts, instead of just being clueless as to what to write when I thought I only wanted to talk about anime!

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      1. Oh, so that’s it. I almost never reflect on his titles, I only click on the video. 😳 Yeah, I’m 9. 😎

        I had a period when I tried to read “everybodys” posts but yeah, overload you could probably say. And then I lost interest. The last anime I watched was Attack on Titan. Haven’t watched one episode of either this summers anime or anything old. I had the intention of re-watching EVA since it’s on Netflix but that didn’t happen.

        I think what’s most important is that you do write, if that is what you want. But if you get tired of it then there is nothing saying that you have to keep going either. That’s one of the reasons why I started a new blog instead of continuing my other; that I wanted to completely change. I know that I will get back in the old tracks and start to feel the stress to please the followers that are following me because of the anime/mental health and truth be I am tired of writing about my sucky mental health. At least the way I’ve been before. Fuck, you can’t be dark and suicidal like an emo kid all the time just to please the crowd. But I understand why you don’t want to restart. So it’s fortunate that there is an overlap. I look forward to what you will write in the future. Your Chinese studies sounds interesting. Also, Chinese movies. Man, I got sucked into a Chinese comedy/drama series the acting was pleasantly well done. It was surprising because I don’t think I have ever watched anything coming from China ever when it comes to Chinese movies or TV-series. You think Asian you think Korea. So that was nice. But I haven’t really found anything else to watch either so yeah.

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        1. Don’t worry, the Pewdiepie thing was a term I made up.

          I had that as well until I kept on finding that most of it didn’t interest me and most of it I didn’t like. Therefore I didn’t have much to say or talk about. I felt bad liking things I didn’t like or saying “Yeah I’ll watch this” and never getting around to it.

          I remember watching Eva first, those were fun times haha.

          That is perfectly understandable, you shouldn’t force yourself when you really don’t want to write about that. I’ve seen anime bloggers go “I don’t want to write this but I have too – it’s my job” – and though the community is too much of a hugbox for me to say it, I always think “No you don’t have to write it, write what you want to write!”

          One thing that I hate is obligation. Nobody is obligated to give anyone anything when it comes to blogging and the feeling that you should is wrong. For me it’s about feeling the need to comment and read other people’s blogs just because they do the same for you. I don’t like that feeling, because when I follow through with the obligation I always feel badly insincere. I can’t imagine how much worse that feeling must be if you feel obligated by your audience to talk about your mental health.

          Really? Thanks! I guess this is where the overlap is.

          Maybe anime is just a gateway drug to China hahaha, or Asian drama’s at the least, since most anime fans don’t really care about reading subtitles. And if you don’t care about watching things in subtitles, then you can watch anything!

          Yeah I never thought anything about China. In school I took a Chinese class (because Japanese wasn’t offered and I wanted to learn some kanji) and thought. Why would anyone learn Chinese? Now I look back and go, are you kidding me?

          I like Chinese drama’s and films but I feel like I never watch them enough, because I always feel like I have to be taking notes, or watching without subtitles to improve my listening skills. It’s something I have to work on, more importantly I need to search for things that actually look good and interest me! It seems all of C-drama on Netflix is romance or stuff about the Chinese dynasty, and I think currently I’d like to try something else.

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          1. I would love to learn Chinese. I don’t think my brain would manage it though, there’s too much to process what with a whole new alphabet and all. I’ve tried a little Japanese and I know a few words here and there but that’s all. So yeah, I could perhaps learn the bascis. But then i wouldn’t have any use for it anyway.

            Have you looked at They have a few series that aren’t romance or historical series. I feel like subtitles make me learn the language actually. The pros with Viki is that they have subtitles in multiple languages (even though the Swedish ones have a lot to desire depending on the serie you watch. So I normally watch the English subs). Anyway, Viki is the place I go to for my Asian drama fix atm.

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            1. I’ve heard it said that language learning is easy, just very time consuming. If you have much use for it, it may not be a good idea to learn it. I personally only learned Chinese because I had friends fluent in it who were willing to help me. For my first month before coming home from uni I had at least two hours a day where I would be learning Chinese with a fluent friend, and it helped so, so much. In that sense, I feel like this is the only reason why I’ve been able to keep up with learning that language, I can get help, and know people I can use that language with.

              You seem to know both English and Swedish, and that’s quite amazing to me. I think it’s only worth learning Chinese as a third if you really, really want too, because it is time consuming. Much easier than English in some ways but very much harder in others. The reading and writing system being the most obvious!

              Ah cool, I always tried kissasian but they didn’t seem to have a lot of the things I wanted. I’m going away this weekend but I’ll try looking for shows on Viki after I come home! Thanks!


  3. Good for you Ross on branching out into over avenues. For me I still haven’t talked about a lot of older anime and still ashamed as that was the purpose of my blog initially but things morph into something more don’t they in the end 😬

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    1. Thanks, not to say I’ll never talk about anime, but I would much rather this be a personal blog!

      Yeah that happened to me too, I didn’t think I would get even one person reading my blog posts at first! Your blog changes over time into what you make it, so I wouldn’t worry about what your posting as long as you’re happy with it.


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