What I Watched in September 2018 (Recommendations and reviews of anime and manga)

This month has been really busy for me so don't be surprised if this list is fairly short, I might also touch on shows that I've mentioned before but never talked about since then. Basically my whole life has changed since going to University and you don't often think about anime when theirs a million … Continue reading What I Watched in September 2018 (Recommendations and reviews of anime and manga)

I Got Some Ghibli Posters!

As some of you may know I'm at University now and believe it or not it's difficult to blog when you're whole life completely changes! Things are still settling down so blogging should hopefully continue soon! At my University there was a place set up where posters were on sale. I saw a tonne of … Continue reading I Got Some Ghibli Posters!

The Anime Database (All Entries)

Here is the whole database of anime that I wrote in February, the project is finally complete so here is every single review in case you wanted to read the whole thing without going through every single post. It is unformatted and just short reviews which are a small part of the overall project. Interestingly … Continue reading The Anime Database (All Entries)

Followers 3 – The Broken Tournament – Chapter 21

If you’re new to this story then you can catch up here with the prelude. Our story so far: After learning about the rigged tournament our adventures Maron, Rick and Kil, are following the contestants to sabotage them outside the context of the tournament. We continue the story with Maron as see has been confronted by … Continue reading Followers 3 – The Broken Tournament – Chapter 21